Monday, August 15, 2011

elusive tranquility?

I have so much to be thankful for. The state of the world and our nation are tenuous, no doubt. But somehow, I don't think God is pacing. He holds the keys to everything. I think all the roller-coastering has made me focus more on His lordship in my own life and continually ask the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Mother to be present to me. I just finished my third consecration to her, though poorly done, I stuck it out. She's working with me!

Here are some things that have been sources of delight, comfort, and evidences of His love.

We were blessed to have a dear friend who is also a priest, and his brother, who is also about to enter the seminary, over to dinner a few nights ago. They were delightful company. After dinner, Father agreed to play guitar for us and we had a sing along. To all of our astonishment and the delight of the kids, he and his brother knew many popular songs; some Beatles, Bare Naked Ladies, and Weezer! All the words. But we also did some worship songs, and Father is an amazing worship leader. We were all touched by their visit.

Our house project is progressing! The new white paint has made everything look crisp and clean~and although our fridge died as a result of sliding it gently out in order to paint the wall behind (on my birthday) resulting in the purchase of a new one~everything else has gone smoothly. Now I am working on the trim, which is proving to be slower. I will post the grand finale, even if it's not really grand but just kind of nice.

I have been grateful for a relief from the oppressive heat. Even the rainy days weren't bad. My garden looks fresh and vibrant again. I have heard that looking at green is good for the eyes. For me, it is good for the soul. I go out and sit by my little patch of greenery, or occasionally just peek out the back door for a refresher.

My daughter in Michigan faithfully sends pictures of her garden, some of which we planted together when I was visiting in May. And of course pictures of my grandson, that never fail to warm up my heart.

   he calls this his sun-brella.

 Music-wise, we have a couple nice things approaching this week, We had a man approach us at one of our pro life masses and offer his singing services, so this coming Saturday (August 20th, 7AM, St. John's at 13th and Market, roughly)  My daughter Rachael, myself, Justin, and our new member, Steve, will be quartet-ing away, doing Holst, Handel and Palestrina. If you're in the area, get up early, come pray for the unborn, and hear our little offering. We also plan to do a little you-tube-ing, (not at the mass) so if those go well, I may be able to post.

AND if that was not enough, I am also playing sax in a big band. It is a fund raiser for Christ Lutheran Church in Hellertown, Pa. Friday evening at 7PM.  I am still getting info about the specific place of the concert, but if by some chance anyone is interested, let me know. The tickets are $45, which includes a dinner beforehand. Breaking out the sax chops after this long is tough, but lots of fun. My face still hurts from the practice last night!

All of this mitigates the rough stuff.  Worries over 401k's, impending school for most of us, (three to college), but God has given so much blessing. Not that we ignore our difficulties, but to the other extreme, we shouldn't focus on them exclusively. Then we miss the larger perspective. God's perspective is the largest of all, and I believe He wants to share it with us. He wants us to know He has got all our circumstances within His grasp, and that He is still everlastingly joyful.

I regret having taken down my playlist, because now I can't seem to put it back! Maybe I will figure out how to put up another one. Anyway, here is a beautiful worship song, done by a group that calls themselves IHOP (International House of Prayer)-- try to take the few minutes and let it sink in. It's worth the investment.

Human beings are more than the sum of the good they can accomplish. They are children of God, whether they do good or cannot yet manage to do anything. Our Father in heaven does not love us because of the good we do. He loves us for ourselves, because he has adopted us as his children forever.

This is why humility, spiritual poverty, is so precious: it locates our identity securely in the one place where it will be safe from all harm. If our treasure is in God, no one can take it from us. Humility is truth. I am what I am in God’s eyes: a poor child who possesses absolutely nothing, who receives everything, infinitely loved and totally free. I have received everything in advance from the freely bestowed love of my Father, who said to me definitively: “All that is mine is yours.”

Interior Freedom p.124 
Jacques Philippe



  1. Kelly~Great post! Hey, I know that face : ) What a blessing to have his company...truly. I love your garden...a little treasure in this city of ours. God Bless~Theresa

  2. Very nice song. I enjoyed it. For what it's worth, I always had trouble with your website when you had the playlist but don't let that stop you.

  3. That was why I took it down--I thought it caused loading difficulties--I'm glad you told me!

  4. So long as he doesn't play that guitar at Mass... just kidding! Hope Father is enjoying his new assignment. I've not been to his old assignment in weeks. I should have said goodbye to my compatriots whose company I've shared for the past 4 years but I'm sure I'll run into some of the sisters and will be able to explain.

    Kaden is getting soooo big, but so adorable.

    I will have to join you in spirit on Saturday morning. That's my opportunity to re-charge my batteries but you never know, I might make it there one of these days. Good luck with the sax gig. You're a woman of many musical talents!

  5. Thanks Joyce--thanks for the vote of confidence :) I should be practicing right now instead of sitting at this computer...

  6. i am new reader of this blog and enjoyed this post. The perspective is great.

    I will be sure to check back in the future...

    P.S. i am the author of Praeceptorum Deus Blog

    God Bless

  7. Noted, Isaac! I will be sure to stop by! And thank you for your thoughts, they are always welcome.