Friday, January 27, 2012

7 quick March for Life-and other pro life- type things- takes

1. We weren't even sure we were going to be able to go to the March this year, until I got an email from a very faithful prolife warrior friend announcing a fully paid for bus that he was trying to fill. So, we helped him out. And this definitely made us feel that God was involved, was rainy~ and cold! So all the way up to getting out of bed that cold, wet Monday at Four-O'clock-ish, I was deliberating. But Malaika was going this year for the first time, and I knew so many others were going to make the sacrifice, so! We went. OF COURSE I forgot the camera! Yes there are multitudes of photos from that day, but none are us. Malaika took some shots with her phone. If we ever get them onto the computer, I may share them with you. I don't think any of them are us, either.

2. ( or, 1, continued) After seeing all the people that traveled to the march from all over the country and the world, of course I felt shamed. There were people from Canada; and my dear friend Beth told me this morning there were some from Russia! Yikes. There were people with their children in plastic covered strollers, people in wheelchairs, people on crutches. There were many elderly and there were high school and college groups, who gave the very dreary day a great shot of enthusiasm, and well, life! Despite the weather, there was a record turnout. Some estimates have said 400,000. The usual media downplay said things like 17,000. Ha! I know for a fact there were at least 17,000 in line for one of the bathrooms in Union Station.

3. (or 1, continued). ( Like how I still call this 7 quick takes?) I feel glad that so many understand that our sacrifices in attending that day WILL count, if to no one else, to God. And Who Else better? So many who couldn't attend held us all in their prayers, many thanks for that!

7.Now a few personal notes. Drum roll please..bbbrrrbrbrbrbr...tsh! (that was the cymbal crash). Remember that contest in which I asked you all to vote for my husband? Well, he won! First prize! So proud of him. And he wins $1000!  Thank you all for your generous support!

 Me. School. Hard. Exhaustion. That's all.

My daughter Corrie is moving back home this weekend. Please pray for her, if you would. Her seizures returned with a scary incident one night (she now has stitches next to her eye), and other things she really needs lots of prayer support for. Another daughter,Melissa, is doing really well, and I thank you for all your prayers for her, please don't stop just yet! I believe she has a special call on her life, and so is opposed very fiercely. Rachael is going through some tough times as well, so...well, you know the drill. All my kids have green scapulars, and I pray for them with the powerful intercession afforded by Our Lady.
Remember the Taking the Christmas Tree down scenario? Well, I am STILL taking down the other decorations. They are staring at me as I write this. I know, I know. I'm getting there!

Blessings and peace to all my dear readers~




  1. I don't think you have to fear repercussions for speaking up for life. My kids were in the early grades when local pro-life representatives came to talk to them and gave them the precious hands and feet pins.

    And don't worry - I have never stopped praying for Kelly's Clan, and I won't!

  2. I so wanted to go this year but work has been overwhelming. I've been traveling half the month of January and February isn't going to get better. I haven't even been on my blog much. So unfortunately I missed it. In a way I'm waiting for Matthew to get a little older so I can take him too, but pro-life has become my number one issue in politics. It's more than politics. It's beyond that, as I'm sure you understand.

    Congratulations to your husband! He was really good. He deserved it.

    Prayers will be sent upward for your children.

  3. Thanks Joyce-I sincerely hope you are right! And especially thanks for the prayer.♥
    Manny-I know how hard it is to get there. It took me several years from the time I first wanted to go to be able to do so. Young children do go, but it can be a grueling day, and this year, the weather was rotten! God knows your heart. :)