Sunday, July 8, 2012

urgent prayer request--update to the update

My grandson just fell from an 11 foot pool ladder onto his head.

Please, please pray for him.

these were taken just today.

when he first arrived at the ER

and on the way out--

I don't know everything yet, just that he has a broken collarbone.

All the prayers were VERY effective.

Thank you ♥

 here he is the next day. Guardian angel, thank you!


  1. *gasp* Most definitely. Is he in the hospital? Did he get a concussion?

  2. I don't know anything yet, Manny. Thank you so much for your prayers!

  3. My goodness, is he a handsome little boy. Poor dear, but at least it doesn't look like he has skull or brain damage. That would really worry me. Prayers continuing.

  4. He sure is Manny. I shared your worry! Thank you so much for the prayers.

  5. A busted collarbone, while very painful, is much better than a busted noggin! So glad it wasn't something more serious, though I know it breaks your heart to see the little guy hurting. Collarbone breaks are common injuries in horseback riding and cycling. They don't usually repair them except for cosmetic reasons. Hope he feels better - the little ones handle much better than we adults do!

  6. I feel the same, Joyce. Thank you so much for your prayers! He is bouncing back amazingly well. His mother broke her collarbone when she was five, just by falling off her bed in a funny position. I was just so worried about a head injury. The wonderful prayer response was so heartening!

  7. He looks like a champ!! So adorable and such a bright smile. I hope he can keep his little 'dare devil' side in toe for a little while. :) Is he right handed? If he is this is a good time to build up strength in his left.