Friday, October 5, 2012

Call the Midwife

I just happened upon this show the other day, and I was very pleasantly surprised. When I saw it was about a young girl just out of midwife- school (or whatever it is called), sent to live in a poor section of London, in a convent and working alongside the nuns, I readied myself for the critical, politically correct tone that I am used to see accompanying such topics.

Well, was I wrong! Yes, the setting is one of poverty and it doesn't look like the general population then (it takes place in the late 50's) is very educated, but what comes through is not what I expected.

Watch Call the Midwife - Episode 1 on PBS. See more from Call the Midwife.

Looking at it as I can't help look at everything, with prolife eyes, I am so touched and truly amazed that a series like this is coming out in the times we now live, from the UK. And thankful. Watch this short piece about how the actors react to working with the babies:

God is touching hearts. Once again through the tiniest, most helpless of us.

 You can watch the whole first episode here. The second airs Sunday, October 7 on PBS. Check your local listings for the time.


  1. If you find the videos not to be working, click on the blue links at the bottom of each one :) they seem to come and go.

  2. Very touchig. I'm so surrprised it's from UK. They are about as anti religious as they come these days. So Church of England has nuns? I didn't know that.