Saturday, March 23, 2013

norovirus and holy week. in that order.

If you are a reader here, you may remember this image:

Yes, folks, the ever popular, knock your socks off, norovirus has come to visit our home.

Started with the youngest, who likely picked it up in school, and resulted in three more of us delivering a veritable symphony of retching and moaning sounds throughout the night.

Even typing this is a challenge, I am dizzy and headachey and alternately shivering and warm.

This thing is no joke. Bleach on the hard surfaces and soap and water on the hands is the best way to keep it away if you are exposed. If you do get it, try to stay hydrated after the initial, um, explosion(s), and wait.
Four out of seven of us got it within two days. We'll see how the other three manage.

I have a list of Easter preparations. Cleaning and (urp) cooking to be done. Can't even think about food. Or watch TV, for some reason. Fun, fun.

From what I read it should all be over in a day or two. Then I can get on with it.

Not, mind you, that I feel sorry for myself. Maybe a little. But whatever suffering wasn't wasted! So, if you happen to be a beneficiary of my sickness-prayers, you're welcome!

I am not going to blog this week. Make up a little for all my Lenten foibles. And get some stuff done.

Wishing you all a happy and holy Easter!




  1. Oh joy, something to look forward to - NOT! Better now than next week though I guess. We were at CHOP for 3 hours yesterday for the twice a year cardiac work-up for Rebecca so hopefully we didn't pick anything up there. My son actually faked a stomach virus a few months back to get out of going to Sunday Mass. He was very convincing too, until he tried it again two weeks later. It was all I could do not to throttle him. I hope everyone in your house is on the mend and I thank you for attaching your suffering to your prayers. I may get the chance to reciprocate, I'll let you know ;) Peace Joyce

  2. Oh feel better. I got another allergy attack/sinus infection (or whatever it is) at the end of last week. That's the fifth one since October.