Monday, July 22, 2013

A-post-a-day #1. note to self. put bottle of chill pills within easy reach.


This will have to be one of those dashed-off posts. This usually means stream-of-consciousness stuff ahead.  So don't say I didn't warn you.

Recently, I posted on how, at very nearly 52, I am just beginning to feel comfortable being myself. As with many proclamations I have made, the world set out to prove me wrong.

 I found myself feeling hurt by things people said, things people didn't say. I am frequently feeling embarrassed or tongue tied. Revisiting sadness over lost friendships. Wrestling over making decisions, because one choice or another makes me feel guilty. Guilt is not bad, if it is emerging from a healthy, well informed conscience, but I am talking about beat-yourself-over-the-head guilt that is rarely productive.

So, in giving the matter some grave thought and prayer, I came to a truly insightful,  inspired decision on how to best cope with these feelings.

 Do nothing.  


 Yep! That's right. Say, "so what!" to my dang feelings! ( I have given this advice to others before, so now I get to take my own medicine). (Or not take any medicine, as the case may be).

I could get all biblical on you and call it Waiting On the Lord. And go find the verse that says God is never late, as some count lateness. But that would be Doing something.

Or talk about how immersing my self in works of charity, prayer, service and fulfilling my vocation can put those thoughts in better perspective. True dat. But talking is kind of active too.

So, I am off to do nothing for a bit. 

He is my hero.

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See you tomorrow!


  1. Yes, I was Tumnus on Saturday...I slept for 4 hours in the middle of the afternnoon and I woke up wanting to eat :)

  2. No way can I blog for seven straight days. Just not enough time or will power. I'm getting burnt out as it