Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Gosnell Movie

The closet door is going to be opened folks, allowing light to shine on the most covered up, misrepresented industry the world has known.

No surprise that there will be all kinds of contortions made by those that have a stake in keeping people in the dark.

Please pray, and if you are able, go here to read about the project and help fund it.

If you are interested, the hashtag on Twitter is #gosnellmovie.

I saw the story initially on The Kelly File. I admire Megyn Kelly more and more every day. She also was aghast at how University of Michigan cancelled the showing of a movie about "honor" killings (Honor Diaries) and other atrocities done to Muslim women and little girls, and at the same time calling abortion  "life-giving."


Good on you, Megyn. And Kirsten Powers, too. God bless you ladies. Megyn's interview with the CAIR rep about Honor Diaries was awesome.

Oh, and I think the Kelly File far outshines ol' Bill. IMHO.


  1. I like Megyn Kelly too. If they do make the Gosnell movie, I don't think I could watch it. I would be too revolted.

    1. I imagine it will be quite grisly, as the actual situation was. I think it is more important than the folks that don't understand the realities of abortion see the movie, and understand that while Gosnell was especially deranged, all abortion has the same end result. That the courts acknowledged the humanity of the murdered babies was a huge step in the right direction.