Wednesday, July 9, 2014

the summer of the car

About ten days ago, we drove to see my brother for a long weekend. He lives in the Roan mountains in North Carolina. Remote, idyllic. My favorite kind of place. And so nice to spend some time with him.

morning sounds

This is me, my nephew Elijah, his wife Julie, Bob, Cindy (Gary's wife), and Ben.

As I write this, I am less than an hour from leaving for Michigan. It has been a fun spring and summer as far as traveling goes.

I would ask your prayers for my mother-in-law, as she has been admitted to hospital. She is improving, but at 86, it takes a bit longer to bounce back from illnesses. Her spirits are good, as usual, and she is charming her caregivers.

My minute readership may have noticed that I haven't been blogging much. Not sure if I am going to stop, but I am thinking and praying. Kind of wanting to take a kind of retreat from the online presence. We'll see! For now, I am headed to my daughter's in Michigan and the company of my grandson.

Hope everyone is as blessed as I and enjoying their summer!




  1. You're having a busy summer. That looks like a lovely area where your brother lives. I've never been to that part of the country though it looks a lot like West Virginia. I see you found a Catholic Church. Is your brother a Catholic convert too? My prayers for you M-I-L.

    1. Thanks for the prayers! She is back in the hospital after going to a rehab. They just can't seem to get her leg swelling under control.
      My brother lives just over the Tennessee border in NC. Not far from Asheville NC, and Johnson City Tennessee. Right in the Appalachians. No, he is not Catholic, but he loves Jesus and definitely seeks salvation.

  2. I LOVE North Carolina!! Not familiar with the term "Roane" mountains. Is that near Blowing Rock and Grandfather Mountain, or closer to Georgia?

    My husband and I took a much-needed vacation (the first since our honeymoon 2 and a half years ago) to the North GA mountains and shared a cabin with close friends. There's nothing like escaping to the green hills during summer.

    1. The Roan Mountains are closer to the Tennessee border, still in Pisgah National Forest though, as I believe Grandfather Mountain also is. It is indeed a most wonderful place. Last time we were there, we hiked a local trail. I don't believe we made it to Roan High Knob, but we didn't do too shabby either :)

    2. here's my post from that trip