Friday, March 27, 2015

7 quick takes, the Lenten foible edition

I don't know about anyone else, but hasn't this been the Lentiest Lent ever? I am ever so glad to nearing the end. Yes, there is the big stuff, but it's the little stuff that threatens the sanity.

Station of the Cross, when we get to --

"I searched for comforters, but I found none."

here is where my mind goes.

2. Our exchange student made himself some hot dogs:

3. Two kids had this happen at the same time

4. I had a new dryer installed and nobody could be happier than I am about not having to be a laundromat dweller anymore. But the vent keeps coming loose and so I have this metal tape I have to put on, resulting in something like

5. Slightly stressing out over different things one day, decided to go to bed after dinner and watch Rainman on my Kindle. Forgot it was Stations night at church. Ate these while watching movie.

Not good for Lent or diet, or the fact that they were meant for Easter baskets. I did only eat a few handfuls, and only the pinks and purples. That's Lenten, right?

6.  Maybe it was that prayer I prayed, you know the one. Goes something like, "I
am willing to suffer for this and that prayer intention, for the good of my soul and others..."

Perhaps that was a mistake.

7. When this movie begins echoing my life---

--makes about as much sense as the real version.

See you on the other side, God willing!


  1. Needing to use a laundromat IS all kinds of Lent-y. I think the occasional jelly bean can be forgiven in that case.

    1. SO true. I had been schlepping wet laundry there to dry for about two years, and didn't mind too much, until one day, I had just had enough, So, I will happily continue to tape the exhaust duct if the furthest I have to go is the basement, lol.

  2. Yeah, those dryer exhaust tubes are tricky. We gave our old dryer to my mother, who has never owned one, and i still have attached that exhaust tube. She hasn'tpressed me about it. She's too old fashion to even want a dryer, but it was better than throwing our old one out.

    1. I will likely hang out my laundry when it gets nice enough outside, but I it is very nice to have this convenience again. The hookup in the picture is not my house, and is certainly an exaggeration of my situation, But with all that is presently going on, that little thing just seemed bigger!

  3. This has indeed been the Lentiest of Lents! And just when we thought it couldn't get worse (never say this! It can always get worse!) my husband's work hours at the hospital got cut, along with all the other chaplains. Plus all the little annoyances, like mosquito bites on my face. (This small suffering is somewhat offset by the knowledge that I wore a sweater twice all winter. Yay Georgia!)

    1. I know, Caroline, it sure has. God must really love us, is all I can say. (Heb, 12:6; Prov. 3:12, and Rev. 3:19).
      I try to hold on to that.
      And, you are in my prayers. :)