Friday, November 26, 2010


I haven't been with you this week because my wonderful daughter, her husband and son came in from Michigan to spend Thanksgiving with us. We were engrossed in soaking them in and only mildly concerned about our computer problems. It has always been compromised, and chose this week to acquire yet another crippling virus that made it just barely usable, and as I type this, the whine is so loud the kids have to turn up the TV. ( we had a technician on the phone who kept just suggesting we invest in a new one, to which I replied, "what!?" )  We also have several kids that need it to do schoolwork and two entering colleges next fall, who are submitting applications and such; so my dear husband ordered us a new one!

While I await it's arrival, I will be organizing all our files and loading them off onto our external hard drive, which in itself will likely involve some struggle. But I am greatly looking forward to blogging much more! I also enjoy interacting with my fellow bloggers-something that now is a difficult process,  resulting in freezing and such,  but should become much easier.

 The other really great thing that happened this Thanksgiving,  is that all my seven kids were together for the very first time. The older six were last together in 1998, and a few occasions since, we have come close, but were always missing one. So for now I will post  a picture  from that wonderful day, and I look forward to writing and sharing with you much more in the very near future!

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  1. Beautiful family. What a great Thanksgiving, to have all of them together. I'm impressed at how many of you fit on that sofa!