Tuesday, September 6, 2011

a boy and his giraffe

My grandson has been going through an illness, and while being tested to find the cause, his symptoms are being treated with this. Kind of sad to see such a little guy having to do neb treatments! His mother, my daughter Meghann, is undoubtedly proving to be a great teacher in nebulizer technique, though, seeing as she spent a good deal of her childhood hooked up to one.

A couple weeks ago, the kids and I spent the day at Rehoboth Beach, where Malaika won an adorable stuffed giraffe. She chose it over other prizes, knowing how much Kaden loves them. So we sent it to him, in hopes of cheering him a bit.

That did occur. What we didn't forsee, was Meghann gaining another family member.

 His name is George.

                                                                         He may get a bit of store anxiety, considering his origins. He does look a bit nervous here.
       Bringing comfort when needed.


                                                                                       A bit of  head bumping or tail pulling just goes with the territory.

 Also neck exams.
                                                 I'll have whatever he's having...


  1. aw, what's up with the little guy? I will keep him in my prayers.

  2. Ah, may God give him strength to overcome this. He's so adorable holding that giraffe. What a cutey. I hope it's nothing serious. He'll be in my prayers.

  3. Kudos to Malaika. She must be very happy that Kaden loves George so.

  4. Julie--indeed she is! Although Meghann told us that, while Kaden thanked Aunt Malaika, he actually thinks that George came from the mailman! lol
    Joyce and Manny--Kaden started out with croup, when the cough wasn't clearing up,the dos thought maybe bronchial asthma, and he had to have allergy testing to see of that is the underlying cause. :( Thanks so much for your prayers!
    ps I deleted my previous comment cause I hate when I make typos! :P

  5. Kelly
    I saw your comment on my "Autumn Again" poem blog. You are more than free to post it on your blog, but would you mind so if you didn't put it on Facebook? I'm not a Facebook person. I don't even have an account. But I would be honored if you put it here. If you wish you can either link Facebook to your blog or mine with the poem.

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