Friday, November 11, 2011

Rising Above


That's me calling out from the deep well of court reporting school. I am approaching the end of my first term which includes a research paper (haven't started yet) and a scary final. It will be all dictation that we have to write out on our steno writer--and have to get a 92% just to PASS. O-kay! I have been working hard, and will continue to do so--and time will tell if it was enough.

Tonight, Bob, Rachael, Justin and I will be providing music for a holy hour at St. Francis of Assisi in Springfield, Pa. Cause of course, I must have another project to balance on top of the swaying pile, right? Actually, this one will bless me more than anything else I do, or anything I may try to contribute. If you happen to be in the area, it starts at 8:00.

The other night, after pounding away on my machine until my eyes crossed, I crawled into bed, and since Chopped wasn't on, I put Parenthood on. It's "my show" and I watch it on On Demand every week. I won't go into the whys and wherefores of reasoning but a hint would be ( it's about a crazy family that reminds me of a certain other crazy family I may or may not be a part of) This week, there was a character who is in a situation he finds difficult and distasteful, and was counseled by his brother that he must "rise above."  His response--" I hate rising above."

That line just grabbed me--yes absolutely in the funny and identifiable way, but also it kind of resonated because--who doesn't get weary? Who doesn't want life to be easier?  One of my daughters, known for her hilarious yet relevant one liners, said, "everybody--stop freaking out!" I suggested she embroider it on a little pillow for the sofa.

I know that feeling of emotional exhaustion that goes with having a large family making our way in the world, some of us making our way out of some dark times. It requires fortitude that can't always be drummed up from our human frailty.  This is when my prayers start going like this, "Jesus, I need you. I cannot do this. You have to. Help!" Along those lines.

The crazy part? He does!

Hope you all are well, whoever is left of my dear readers. For as little blogging I do anymore I appreciate you stopping by!

The Lord's Peace~



  1. Good luck with your research paper and test. Praying for you. Family life does sound exhausting for you but it could be worse. You could have 20 children like that Bennett family. ;)

  2. Good to see that you're alive and well! BTW, did you get the email about the retreat? I won't be able to drive anyone as I have to be there very early, but let me know if you're going and I may know of someone you can travel up there with.