Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lowness and Mercy

I have a few minutes before class today and no ambition to clean or practice or do any of the many things I ought. So you're stuck with me!

I am finding it heart-wrenching to bear the difficulties my children are encountering lately. I am praying, of course, and doing what little I can to help, but it is not enough to alleviate their suffering, at least in the present. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that God has come to my rescue when I was definitely not doing anything at all to warrant it. " But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us" Romans 5:8. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised at His assistance. But place that next to the law of sowing and reaping. Does the mindset of the sower, if ignorant, matter? Ah,well. All the same, in my lack of understanding, I pray and hope. And keep trying to help.

And there is this-

"Every Christian must be thoroughly convinced that his spiritual life can in no way be viewed as the quiet unfolding of an inconsequential life without any problems; rather it must be viewed as the scene of a constant and sometimes painful battle, which will not end until death - a struggle against evil, temptation and the sin that is in him. ... And this combat is, correctly viewed, the place of our purification, of our spiritual growth, where we learn to know ourselves in our weakness and to know God in His infinite mercy." Father Jacques Philippe


  1. Oy. It is SO much harder to watch one's children go through travails than it is to go through them oneself.
    Are you familiar with the Our Lady of Seven Sorrows devotion? It's not very long (basically seven Hail Marys, each with a reflection), but it's very powerful and comforting. You might find it helpful.
    Good quote from Father Phillipe, by the way.

  2. My thoughts exactly, Julie. Oy indeed. Thank you--I will check out that devotion. Though I must admit, it frightens me just a bit to openly identify with Our Lady of Sorrows...lol

  3. Father Phillipe is right, but I still find it so difficult to accept. I always want to choose what it is I will suffer, rather than just accept what comes my way. I try to console myself with the notion that it is better to undergo our purification now but it's not a lasting consolation because I'm such a weakling. We have no choice, however, but to keep trying. I continue to keep you and the kids in my prayers.

  4. My prayers for your children Kelly. I dread when my little one grows up to make decisions contrary to faith. I hope to God he becomes a faithful Christian. But I wasn't a good Catholic until my forties, so there is always hope. Now that I think of it Matthew's baptism will be on the 11th! Pray he doesn't cause a ruckus. He's two years old, which makes him difficult in church.

    I know you're busy with your studies, but if you have a little time you might be interested in the youtube clip. Remember when I took my mother to that concert in Regina Pacis church? On our local Catholic cable station (not EWTN, we have a local one for NYC) there is a show called City of Churches that goes into local churches and shows you around. They had one on Regina Pacis. You found that church interesting and now that I learned the history of her, it's even more interesting. Here's that half hour show:

  5. Thanks Joyce and Manny-it's wonderful to have two good friends such as you that pray! Joyce,I know what you mean. Certain things are much harder to bear-those are the real crosses. I know that my sufferings are not the worst ones in the world, but it's that Mother Thing. I know Our Lady was the prime example, and that she knows more than anybody what we go through. I count on her to pray for and uphold me. Manny I'm not discounting fathers here! lol And I will watch the link on one of my breaks. :) MAtthews baptism is Dec. 11th? How exciting! EVERYONE understands about the little ones and baptisms. :) My grandson was two at my daughters wedding-it was a long day- He just got passed around alot. And don't dread his growing up--you are raising him well, he will be a wonderful young man. My kids had to endure a lot and have to overcome a lot of their upbringing. Not all, but a lot.
    Thank you both ♥