Monday, May 21, 2012

Changing Lanes?

See the problem here?

       Well, friends,  it seems I am at a crossroads. I have reached the point in my Court Reporting courses in which speed building is beginning. It requires that I write dictations at increasing speeds, lengths and difficulties, and then transcribe my steno notes,

( you remember; these things-->)

      It is something that is consuming my life. When I am not actually doing it, I am thinking about it, often in stressful ways. Doing the speed tests really freaks me out; my mind turns to scrambled eggs, my fingers turn to popsicle sticks, I write a bunch of garbage,  and then I have one hour to go and transcribe that garbage into a perfect legal document. Well, first I have to puzzle out what I just wrote. That part, even though it is hard, I kind of enjoy. I do like puzzles. So, while praying a Rosary this morning (all my clearest thinking happens then), I wondered if I should switch my focus over to becoming a proofreader and scopist?

Just for laughs, let me show you what I wrote on my last speed test. This one was only 50 words per minute. Granted, it was only the second one I ever completed. I started another one that I bailed out on because I began to have a nervous breakdown.

Kelly Seppy 50  Test Number 4  May 14,2012
Dear Mr. /STPHAEUPLs, /TKOUPBTless you are familiar with the /ED con tamer company.  If you are, your know it as a /KUSful /ARPB that is /TPHAEUBGing fine /WAEUPLer.  Your /TPHAOEPB it as a company that is doing a business of more than ten physical dollars a year.  That organization was not always /SA suggestion /UGS /‑PT.  Infact /HRAS than ten /KRAOERGS it was /HR‑PLS red to got out of business.  Its /ERPings were low and its sets were /STEL /HRE de/KRESing.  Ina/TKEULGS the /PHER /HRAL of people /KHOE /WOERBGed for it left much to be de/SAEURed.  One /TKAL the /PWOERD of /TKEUR tars talled us in to see whether we could put the business back on a /TAEUing bases.  Besent in our staff of management ex/PEBTs who quickly /TUT their bun /TPER on the /THUBL.  They fount that the sails de/PABT /PH‑PBT was not reaching the fourth of the position /PHARGT of /PRAUGTs.  /PHAUR fount that /KHAOEUL the sails staff was large for an organization of that size yet it /TKEUT not /TKO*FR its imagine ore marketings.  The sails staff watt calling on the small calls for a conclusion /PHERing and /TPHE /TPHREBGTing if /PWEUS ones.  It was not long after the cushion of our staff were put into /EF educate that the /ED son /PAEUPLer company was once agone /TPHAEUBGing none /‑FPL if your organization is not /TPHAEUBGing if /PREPLTs that the you have every right to expect /‑RBGSZ why not let us some in and fake a survey of your business?  There is /TPHE charge of any kind for that service.  Yours very truly,

    All those words in caps with slashes are the ones I wrote so wrong they didn't translate to anything. Some others were still wrong, but translated to words anyway. Such as, "more than ten physical dollars a year," and "let us some in and fake a survey of your business." Or my personal favorite, "our staff of management (experts) who quickly (put) their bun" ...on something.

The REALLY crazy part is that I was able to take the raw steno notes (see above) of that mess and get 92% of it transcribed correctly. So--yeah my BRILLIANT mind, together with the help of the Blessed Mother said--hey! You could just do THAT part of the job, still get paid and have a career, not <-----have to bludgeon yourself to death hunched over a steno machine 3+ hours every stinkin day! Well, the Blessed Mother didn't say it exactly that way, but that was the gist.

So, dear friends, please say a prayer for me as I look into this. I am hoping it will be a good path, one on which I can retain what little bits of sanity I have left while simultaneously HAVING A LIFE.

God Bless you! +JMJ+




  1. I'll say a prayer. I wish you the best.

  2. Kelly
    I don't know if you know The Crescat's blog. Her name is Katrina. If you have a minute, you might want to read this entry. She comes out about her abortions in her past.

  3. Thanks, Manny. Especially for the prayers! I have read the Crescat in the past, now I read very little. But I am glad she is talking about her experience with abortion, for her and for whomever she may reach with her testimony.