Thursday, September 13, 2012

a strong message

 I appreciate his common sense clarity.


  1. Yes, that was a powerful message. I don't always like Michael Vooris; he's too aggressive, uncahritable, and not very saintly if you ask me. But here he was right on. My only criticism here would be he needed to name the Bishops. Who are these fraudulent vicars of Christ? If he's going to paint this picture he needs to identify specifics persons or he's smearing too many honest Bishops. I certainly don't know who he's referring to. Thanks for embedding it Kelly.

  2. Hi Manny--and btw I finally got over to comment on your last post. I was trying like crazy, but couldn't get the comments page to open. Till today-yay!
    Anyway-I agree Mr. Voris can be hard-edged, but I think it is called for in many instances. There is such a frustration with the American Bishops, and I think he is giving voice for all of us who want to see some unity, some adherence to Catholic teaching, and some testosterone! Geez! The faithful should not be constantly bombarded with mixed messages. Voris is, at least, clear.
    I think he has named a few of the dissident bishops before, but my memory is bad. I read so much that I lose the names.

  3. I know about mixed messages, but after being on Patheos Catholic portal now for some time I can see that Catholics are all over the place politically. The Bishops are as mixed up as we Catholics are. You would think that we could all unite to end abortion, but unfortunately we can't.

    I replied back. It does seem that my blog site has a lot of difficulties. It happens to me too. I can only guess that it can't handle the number of people who stop by.