Sunday, November 4, 2012

Belated Halloween, Cats, Cowboys and the election.

This picture is living proof that miracles happen.

Bob has not been the biggest pet lover of all time. Until Mr. Tumnus. They are officially partners now. Bob is as surprised as anyone. God sent us the perfect cat for him, as well as the rest of us, but we needed less convincing.

  I thought the costume we chose for him was quite a coincidence after watching this:

Now, as promised, my thoughts on the election.

I have lived through these presidents: Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama. I have never seen a president so protected by the media, so immune to consequences (such as, for one, promising "transparency"and cooking up closed door Friday night deals completely disassociated from government process and the will of the American people.) (Obamacare.) (HHS mandate). On and on. He and VP Biden can literally say anything and never have to answer for it. The degree to which the media circles the wagons is astounding. He has behaved in ways I have never seen from a president, even Bill Clinton. 

Mitt Romney. He was not the candidate I wanted to see get the nomination. But now that he is, and I have heard him and learned more about him, here are the things I am encouraged about.
1. He knows what he is doing. 

2. He is a leader.

3. He loves our country and will see to it we are better protected and defended.

4. He has respect for people. Women, the military, people of all creeds. The irony that he is accused of being an out of touch elite while criticized for raising relief for Sandy victims, juxtaposed to the presidents' words and photo op with Gov. Christie that didn't translate to actual relief, are typical. What an infuriating four years it has been.

5. And this is not number five in importance. Life. The chilling coldness regarding human life made cavalier and discussed in a convoluted way during this administration should be waving 60 million red flags in the faces of all that work, pray and fight for the unborn. The most visible leader in the free world being  A-O-Kay with abortion on demand, partial birth abortion and with babies that survive botched abortions being left to die should be a hugely telling sign to Americans that if he is not willing to protect the most fundamental right to those most vulnerable little lives; what other atrocities, pray tell, do you think he will be willing to stand by for? I think what happened in Benghazi is illustrative of one of those things. And the fact that SO many Americans are being bulldozed on this by a few liberal elites (yep, I said it!) on this issue makes it particularly sickening. EVERY year at the March for Life in DC, more and more people show up. Last year, the number topped a quarter of a million. 350, 000. It was a rainy, muddy, cold day and that many people from all over the globe showed up. Do you think the media reported it accurately? Course not. the seven protesters got some coverage though.

6. He is a gentleman. His VP is not a buffoon. He doesn't talk down to or about America. He is not on a power trip. He has humility. He donated a large portion of his income to charity. He never took as salary as Governor of Massachusetts. He can work with both parties. He has experience governing.

7.The biggest reason I am imploring a vote for Romney is this. Our children and their children. I want to see future generations enjoy the greatest parts of living as Americans. The freedoms, the wholesome values, the opportunities. The ability to worship freely and live by our beliefs. The simple right to LIVE and be born. I will likely not be here in 30-40 years, so it is not for myself that I am fighting. I want to see the generations growing up now be able to live in our great country as it was meant to be.

I still ask God to recognize that there are many. many faithful that have not taken this country for granted, or the blessings He has given us here. Not all would spit in His eye and reject the life He gives.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death.



  1. I am truely saddened by the results. I hope your stint as a poll watcher was uneventful.

  2. I know. I am still kind of forming a way to view and deal with all this.
    And it was not totally uneventful, but nothing like elsewhere in Philly! I would do it again. Long day, though.