Monday, December 10, 2012

Fun and True Facts about Santy Claus

In the interest of honest and accurate branding, I should probably re-title my blog The One Post per Holiday or Other Event-Blog. The really annoying thing is that I had so many great (I thought) ideas for pithy, informative and HI-larious posts. Trust me on that one. But, since I am trying to reform my undisciplined ways and get to daily mass more, of which I am this moment in danger of being late, instead of the pithy, etc post, I will share SOMEONE ELSE's pithy, informative and HI-larious post (you do know there was a Pope Hilarious, don't you? there is my P.I and H fact for today).

 I hope to find a niche in my daily whirlwind to come back and share my own polished stream of consciousness writing some other fine day.

For now, go read this:

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  1. LOL, I will stop by. You're on my follow list and I check for new blogs almost every day. Hope you made it to this morning's mass.