Tuesday, April 16, 2013

slipped under the radar!

My MIL was watching an old episode of Mother Angelica's show on EWTN today. Lo and behold, who do you think her guest was? Yup. Father Corapi!

I have never understood how, on EWTN,  people get erased as though they never lived, once there was trouble. It is as if their sins tainted all their past good works. Personally, I think having reruns of them when they were still faithful would be a good reminder. To us, that anyone can fall, and to them, if they ever saw it, that there is grace for those who repent.

Recently, I got a comment on an old post about Fr. Corapi. People are still curious as to his whereabouts, (gated community in Montana is all I have heard), and that post gets a lot of hits, still.

Here is the comment. By my old friend, Unknown:

It seems the millions he got for the coronary law suit turned him back to the dark side, silly man.

While that may contain truth, I didn't like the tone, so I replied, :

I would not normally post comments from people calling themselves "Unknown" -- but I did this time and so will respond.

I posted this very soon after Father Corapi's Ash Wednesday announcement. Since then most information has indeed pointed to his guilt.

One thing I still afford him is my gratitude and my prayers. He was a good teacher and preacher, and taught me well. Whatever his story, he was a good priest, and also a human being. One does not have to be a "silly man" to fall into sin, it could happen to you or to me at any time. But for the grace of God.

I frequently pray for him, as much as I remember all the good teaching I received, which is all the time.

God Bless you.

Oh, and let's not forget, even if you have given your whole life to God and done loads of good for Him and for EWTN, if you get old and express yourself inartfully, you will also cease to exist.

 Here is a good article about Fr. Groeschel.

I really do like EWTN. But this I don't understand or agree with. 

All of these men are in my prayers, always.  

But by God's grace I am what I am; and his grace, which was towards me, has not been vain; but I have laboured more abundantly than they all, but not I, but the grace of God which was with me.

1 Corinthians 15:10



  1. With the exception of Fr. Groeschel, I actually agree with their decision not to air these priests anymore because of the distraction and damage that their do-as-I-say, not-as-I-do clerical celebrity status has already caused. One has only to look at the visceral reaction people have to Fr. Corapi (either in favor of or against him) to see this. It's the message that's most important and I hope EWTN has learned what happens when we make the man bigger than the mission.

    1. Firstly, I do understand that these priests were involved in scandal, and also agreed when they were let go and dealt with in a manner in keeping with the laws of the Church.
      I guess I also understand how there would be complications in airing, say, Fr, Corapi's series on the Catechism, given what happened.
      I think what I don't like is the way they were completely wiped from the EWTN universe.
      I do have a personal story, I have shared bits here and there, but the gist is that there must have been some people at EWTN that knew Corapi and had a relationship with him. to them, he was not a superstah Priest, but a human being. And even in saying this, I know there is responsibility for souls when one is a priest, but as a human, they are still subject to failures, even big ones. I feel that nobody should be thrown out like yesterdays trash, and any good they did along with them.
      When Fr. Francis disappeared, I found it creepy. I have a picture somewhere with him, my MIL and Bob from when EWTN came to Philly. It's very Twilight Zone.
      I suppose there is no easy answer. I just wish there was a way to acknowledge and remember them without seeming to endorse the crashes and burns.
      For me, when almost everyone (from churches I had been part of) turned their backs on me, it felt as though God didn't want me, either. I hate being part of that towards anyone.

    2. ack. sorry about the many typos and unorganized presentation. I just cooked for the sisters, and taught CCD. Kindergarten.

  2. You and Joyce both make good points. I'm undecided if EWTN should continue their past shows. Now that I think of it, other than Mother Angelica's I can't think of anyone else's past shows they present. But I could be wrong.

    I really liked Fr. Corapi myself. Everytime I see or hear his name I say a prayer for him. I sure hope he's being transformed. He'll never be able to come back even if he does, but at least I can feel God has healed his compulsions.

  3. Well Kelly, the way I look at it, some of these men threw the institution of the priesthood away as though it was trash. God's forgiveness and mercy are there for them regardless of whether their shows continue to get airtime or not. We don't know what EWTN has done privately away from the cameras to reach out to or assist these men. I think their orders and/or dioceses would be most responsible for this anyway as this is where they should have been grounded in the first place. The best thing, in my opinion, is to remember to pray for them which I believe I wrote about just a few weeks ago. The cult of personality is not safe for the laity and it's abundantly clear how unsafe it is for the priests.

    Now, if any of these priests were rehabilitated, I think that might make a very compelling case for finding some way to tell their stories. That is how I think it would show the world that none of us are immune from the attacks of the devil but more importantly, none of us are ever forgotten by God or beyond the reach of His mercy. Again, we just don't know and if these priests weren't celebrities, we wouldn't be talking about them. Our own archdiocese certainly has its share of problem priests, defrocked or otherwise, who were also very helpful to people at some point in their ministry. When is the last time we heard anything from the pulpit appealing for prayers for them?

    Typos? What typos? :)

    Manny, EWTN does air the late Archbishop Fulton Sheen's "Your Life is Worth Living" in addition to Mother Angelica Live/Recorded :)

    1. All the more reason for the "I want to be taught" initiative to take hold. Then we wouldn't have such great need of hunting down good teaching. Fr. Corapi gave me a solid foundation with his teaching of the Catechism.
      I definitely agree and also pray for all the priests, ones I know and those I don't. It's a dangerous profession right now, even and especially for the faithful ones.
      All you said is true. I guess I am overly sensitive because of my own experiences. I will probably write a post about it.

  4. Kelly, if you have the time, you must read this beautiful conversion story. It touched my heart.

  5. I did read it, Manny, and left a little comment. Beautiful story. I love the Jewish faith and culture, and the connection to Christianity.