Tuesday, May 28, 2013

my son, my grandson, something funny, and my cat

This is one thing Ben has gotten involved in doing lately. I have to say, he is good at it and it has been good for him.

Ben is going to his prom this week. Naturally, many pictures are on the way for this blog.

I am so proud of him for so many reasons. He is a hard worker, a sincere, honest person. He has a sharp intellect and an off the wall sense of humor. He is eminently kind. He is respectful. He enjoys the company of his family.

Who could ask for more in a son?

Here is Ben playing with the jazz combo at his school. I am always so impressed with his skill and musicality as a drummer.

I will soon be going to visit Meghann, Jeff and Kaden. Malaika is going with me. This time we are going by car! Road trip! As an added bonus, we are bunking at a dear friend's house halfway. This friend and I have never met in person! So many fun things.

Some recent Kaden:

He is now playing t-ball. Can't wait to go to his games!

Trying chewing gum for the first time and concerned about the no-swallowing rule. 
                                                        Just being his photogenic self.

            My transplanted Easter flowers.

                                 A sign war between two churches that I find fairly hysterical.

 If that really happened, I applaud them for their wit.

 Also, my cat.  I don't know if he will go to heaven, but we certainly owe him for cuteness points, being a good companion, making us laugh, and being a good-natured-mischief-maker that nobody can stay mad at for longer than a minute.

I will have loads to share with you as Ben plays his final concerts of high school, goes to prom, and graduates. Of course we will chronicle our trip, and if I am very good, we will do it as it  happens!  So, lots of scrapbook-type posts are looming. All you parent -types should appreciate.

Till then, I will be running around like a nut in preparation.


  1. Wishing Ben a wonderful prom and you and Malaika a safe and happy road trip. I'll bet Malaika will be a lot of fun for Kaden and it will be nice for you to have some company on the ride.


    1. Very true, Joyce. Also, I am looking forward to the extended time spent one on one. Malaika is thirteen and we may not have many opportunities like this in the future. :)
      I saw your son walking him from school yesterday. He was just smiling away. :) He really is a handsome guy!
      Yes, Malaika and Kaden will no doubt have a blast, and allow Meghann and I to catch up. While in the sitting position, lol.

  2. Too late to wish Ben a fun prom but he does sound like a great kid. I used to enjoy weight lifting myself when I was his age, and excercise has stuck with me through my life. God bless him. Have fun at your grandson's. As always he's a cutey. :)

    1. OH I will enjoy the trip! I know what you're saying -- same here. I don't feel whole if I am not doing some form of exercise. I swam competitively as well as many other sports.
      This week is the final push to get ready -- we leave next Saturday. Cooking to do! :)