Friday, September 27, 2013

Seven introspective takes



1. Still asking for prayer! Several intentions. Family related. One I can share is that my son-in-law has an application in to Kellogg's. And Meghann had an interview for a new job -just today! It would be such a relief if they got these jobs! Another is that Corrie, who was almost a whole year seizure free, had one at work last week. There are more --just please remember my family--thanks.

  2. I was talking with a friend the other night, also a mom, about letting go of our kids. It is a lifelong process that, at least for me, does not get any easier with time! If something happens to them, I feel it! But we have to learn how to love by letting them live and learn, even the rough stuff. Ow.

  3. In thinking about detachment, I see that it goes hand in hand with trust. How can I detach from a situation or person, unless I am trusting God? I have to be releasing them TO someone's care other than my own, not just to the "universe," or to karma, or even to their own devices. So my trust in-God meter needs to be up in the "total" zone.

as you can see, this one is not quite there.

4. Are you hard on yourself? I know I am. So many shoulds and oughts. Do you think this is how God wants us to think about ourselves? That He would hold out a carrot promising peace only when you live up to gargantuan standards that always seem to move?  During the same conversation in #2, we talked about loving ourselves, and what that meant. I find that when I improve in one area, I beat myself up because I didn't improve in ALL the areas. I know I need to take care of my health, that of my family, physically and spiritually. And work, do laundry, go to mass and confession, and if I am very lucky, adoration,  clean, give the cat a manicure,
you know, the basics. If everything is not operating at the MAXIMUM level of efficiency at all times, do I think God is disappointed or peevish? Of course not. So why am I?

5. I am loving the fall-ish weather. No A/C or heat needed, windows open, blanket at night.  Downside -- living in the city means that open windows=hearing everything that is said or happens outside. And the man who walks his dog at the butt-crack of dawn and always manages to find somebody with which to have a nice boisterous chat.

 6. Fall means --people back on a schedule, school, work, practices, band-gigs, crossfit, (that's what Ben and Melissa are doing in the pictures),  AND that I get two whole days a week in which I (shhh, don't let this get around) have the house all to myself. I don't know where to start! I have multiple projects I either want to start or already underway. I always laugh when I remember a coworker at an old job saying to me that she always wanted to work, that she could never "just sit home."  I didn't even know being home involved sitting...

7.  Even with all the inner chaos, yes, I do trust God and am thankful like crazy for all the blessings and comfort He does provide. When I think about the world and oh Lord, our country (+JMJ+), I must always remember we are in the palm of His hand and our Blessed mother is interceding for us always. She has the mom-thing and while she may not worry exactly, as her trust is you know, perfect; she does grieve over us and rejoice over us. Both. At the same time.

Have a great weekend everyone! Despite the headlines.




  1. I don't know how I would handle letting go of my son. In the three years I'v had him, he's completely integrated not just into my life but into my heart. He's part of me, and that probably spells trouble when he nears adulthood. My mother was never good at letting go her children.

    Your family will definitely be in my prayers.

    1. Thank you for the prayers! It's funny about letting go; it doesn't mean cutting ties, or pulling away -- but more about allowing freedom in decision making, and worst of all--allowing them to experience consequences. ugh.
      By some, mothering love can be seen as the only way to really care. Sometimes the smotherers can't help it, they just never had any other model.
      The heart connection never will go away, and in my humble opinion, never should.

  2. Oh sorry for the double post. I meant to add, it's been a beautiful month of September. You couldn't ask for better weather for an entire month.

    1. Agreed! We want to take my youngest horseback riding way up in upper Bucks County for her birthday next Sunday -- can't wait! ( I am banking that she never reads my blog. I think it's a safe bet).