Monday, February 17, 2014

The Next Big Thing

You may remember, my husband plays the piano, and enters the occasional competition. Most recently, he sent his audio to the Chicago Amateur Competition and was accepted as a contestant!

He made the slide show below to tell family and friends. The only thing bothers me is that the piano he used for the recording was out of tune. And that he plays this piece even better now. But, take a listen; the Chopin is one of the pieces he will play at the competition, in front of an audience as well as the judges.

We will get to stay at Meghann and Jeff's in Kalamazoo on the way and way back, and very hopefully they will join us in Chicago to hear him play. And we will get to see this guy.


  1. I do hear it slightly out of tune. At least he won't be using that piano for the competition. Very nice. Your husband is such a fine pianist. Which Chopin pieces were they? I think I heard more than one.

    1. Thank you Manny for your kind words. I did pass them on to Bob. What you heard were the different sections of the same piece. It is Chopin's Ballade Number Three.