Sunday, February 23, 2014

To Be a Pilgrim

Ah, the days of pre-Lent. Septuagesima last week and Sexagesima Sunday today. This is the first year I have experienced this season within the context of the Traditional Latin mass Community. It's been a definite learning experience, as well as a grace experience. It is very cool to feel a part of the Church that reaches back into the Ages.

I have remarked to Bob about the MUSIC at this mass. I am amazed at how many different mass settings there are, and besides Palestrina, the composers go from Mendelssohn to Monteverdi. Last week the Communion piece was by Stravinsky.

Today, the Entrance Hymn was by John Henry Newman, called Praise to the Holiest in the Height. The Recessional Hymn was called He who Would Valiant Be. That one, upon looking around for a version to post for you, turns out to have an interesting history, somehow incorporating John Bunyan? It also was sung at Margaret Thatcher's funeral. (I am not posting that version because there are some horrible comments). But I found it to be a lovely hymn, albeit a little tough to sight read, especially since our music and words are separated, and one has to bounce the eyes back and forth.

This version is somewhat like we had today, and is nice because it includes the words as you go along.

I also thought his was a sweet way to do it. what a nice piece to have in the mind as we gear up for Lent!


  1. Wait, did I understand that? You play Palestrina, Mendelsson, Monteverdi, and Stravinsky for mass at your church? LOL, we play the same old tired boring hymns that we've always played. Today we had Amazing Grace at our mass.

    1. The mass music (Kyrie, Gloria, Holy Holy, Angus Dei, etc) are sung by the schola, and the organist plays for the opening and closing hymns. And most times treats us to a beautiful prelude and postlude. I am squirreling away the printed hymns to which we sing along, and will soon have a wonderful resource for when Bob and I play prolife masses and the like.
      Yes,. the mass settings are by those composers I mentioned! The Stravinsky was a piece they did during communion. It all blows me away.