Monday, June 2, 2014

Through half closed eyes

Yes, I am still here, and even mostly alive!

We were away for about a week in May; my husband played in the Chicago International Amateur Piano Competition! It was his first big competition experience and he did wonderfully.

During his performance, from my seat. Not the greatest picture.

Here is Kaden sitting nicely, looking at the gorgeous hall, and that arm next to him is Malaika. In a dress. That is how much she wanted to support Bob.

While out there, we got lots of glorious time with Meghann, Jeff and Kaden. They put us up for the whole week minus the two Chicago days. Where, as you can see, Kaden accompanied us. He wanted to go to A-cago too! And so he did.

Here are a few shots from Kalamazoo. This is the Bog Trail,pictured at the top also: a floating pathway through, well, a bog. But it was a beautiful day, as you can see here, where Malaika is starting out.

                  ----- here, you may see the trail sinking a little. There were places where it sunk a LOT. At one point the adults were knee-deep in cold, dark, bog water. Meghann might have done some screaming. I have pictures, but I would like to continue to be on speaking terms with her. Fairly hilarious.

 these are from the Sky Deck in downtown Kalamazoo. Fun evening, as you can see.

Now, back home, All the Things are needing to be attended to and the people cared for, and the issues dealt with.

 God is good, and I believe we are all in His hands, even when it doesn't look like it, or feel like it.. His grace is sufficient. I am finding if I just try to do my little part, (aka,  change the things I can and accept those I can't), I live less in the world of the overwhelmed.

 I have been able to get to some daily masses, my beloved Latin Mass, and do some very humble fasts for prayer intentions. I have gotten back to working out. Again, be it ever so meager. Hanging out my laundry, planting flowers and sitting out back with a book ( I have recently discovered Flannery O'Connor)---all of this has been so helpful. And of course, all of you who have kept us in prayer, thank you so very much.

It has just been a time of-- it seems like a hundred transitions-- all happening at once. I have resigned as chief plate-spinner, realizing it wasn't my job anyway, and now am content as cook and bottle washer. And general servant. This works out much better. Yeah, I still have little moments of what-if? terror. But then I offer those too, and go on. I accept the smaller moments of beauty and peace as the gifts from God they are.

And, from where comes my help:

From Sunday's mass:



  1. Wow, Kaden sat through a piano concerto and didn't make noise? That is impressive. Nice photos. Glad Bob did well and had a nice time.

    1. Kaden is by far the easiest six-year-old on the planet. What a good little guy. And so funny! Going to the competition was already special and exciting, but having him there made it so much more so.

  2. What a blessing to be able to have music like that at mass! I doubt that anyone in our diocese here in Mexico has ever heard anything like that (except the bishop, who of course would here it in Rome, and I think our priest, who studied in Spain). The closest we get is the chant of the litany of the saints, which I dearly love. Glad to hear that things went exceedingly well on your trip. God puts little blessings in each day for us to discover!

    1. So true, Anna. There are so many gifts all around us every day.
      I always think of you now when I am being blessed with this music. It makes me want to share it all the more. If you look up the individual pieces I post here on You Tube, you can hear the whole mass setting. For instance, the entire Missa Rex Genitor by Kevin Allen. It is all so beautiful.

  3. Tried to comment, but it didn't show up.... Loved the pictures, and will definitely look up your church's Mass settings. Good church music like that is hard to find outside of certain metropolises.