Saturday, December 18, 2010

stress? hang on--He is on His way!

Here is a glimpse of what our week was like. Melissa and Rachael getting ready to graduate from their respective schools, and applying to four year colleges. Ben in 10th grade, and Malaika in 5th. Seems like they got quite a load dumped on them this year!

 Melissa working on a huge paper that caused her a lot of stress and for which I think I even sprouted a few extra white hairs. I am blessed with conscientious students. But sometimes they suffer from too much stress.

Rachael has her usual end of semester load, too.

But at least they came home to a decorated house that day!

a blurry, but interesting shot of my little Christmas village.

  Our dollar store nativity. I think they're pretty awesome. You just have to give them a setting.

Ben gave me this several Christmases ago. It plays Silent Night :) A great addition to my collection!

this Nativity is from my childhood. It is cracking and falling apart, but it was under the tree every Christmas growing up. Notice none of the creches have the infant Jesus there yet :) a tradition. The youngest kid will place Him there on Christmas Eve night after midnight mass.

Malaika made this in I think third grade at school. I love it.


this was from my friend Jill.

^This was a gift from my dearest friend Marie ♥
                                                                                                                 shelf angel


Malaika found this last week, I couldn't resist :)

This is my collage of images of the holy family in various forms. I save the ones I especially like from each years Christmas cards.

The next two days after this I knocked out 90% of our shopping. Considering the number of people, it was a feat. Now I can do the fun stuff at home! Wrapping, baking, mailing packages. Yes I know it isn't all about the stuff. But the traditions are joyful in themselves, and we all get a break from the every day stuff. Jesus came to bring us out of our ruts!  At this time of year, one of His gifts is to allow us to enjoy our individual traditions and the larger Tradition of the Church, together with Christians all over the world.

Wishing you and all your loved ones a Happy, Holy, and Joyful Christmas!
Just try to hang in there for all the prep.


  1. The house looks very cozy with everyone hanging out together while doing homework and all the lovely decorations. I wish my little piece of the family could be there with you all!!

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  3. I MEANT to say--yes, we definitely would LOVE to have Christmas together!! ♥♥♥ maybe next year....we could start planning in July....

  4. Kelly, I love the Christmas card idea. I think I am going to start that myself. I also collect nativities. I have over 50 in so many different forms from snowmen to classic!! some I keep out year round and others that only see the December sky.

  5. Wow, 50! I see ones I like every year...but I don't have NEARLY that many :) I do have one little round stone sculpture of the Holy Family that stays out all the time. I'll photograph it sometime :)