Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Modern Life

Today I am thinking about how we, as sinners, are still so loved by God, and accepted as His children. How he gave us the family as a constant picture and reminder of what it means to be a child, a father and a mother; a sister and a brother. All those relationships illustrate in a very direct way, some part of our relationship with God, Jesus, and the Blessed Mother. I am especially thinking of those of us who  are living in our own version of the Modern Family, with blended family relationships, and the difficulties of many more modern day challenges than those of our own growing up years. Could you have foreseen what life today would be like, at say, age seventeen? How many of your family or friends were touched by divorce, as compared to now? Who would even have known what the letters LGBT even meant?

Being a parent can often put a spotlight on my failings and weaknesses, and very often, show me how my past choices have reached forward in time to bear fruit in one way or another. I can look at this in a couple of ways. One would be to become paralyzed with fear, knowing that even what seems to be the smallest of choices, words or acts can sometimes form the future of another. Or I can become overly regretful, and wallow in sorrow. Lately, I have come to learn that God's love for me as well as my family and friends, is able to encompass all the foibles of my life, and even make the proverbial lemonade from the lemons I have handed Him. I have come to see just a little, that happiness, and even joy, are possible, and this is the best part...even before I get life all figured out. Before I "arrive", or even live a moderately good life. He knows that my intention is to always do better, to get closer to Him, and to give everything I have to Him in gratitude for all He has given me.

I mean, think about it. Those of you who have children; do you wait to love your kids until they do everything right? Or until they stop goofing up? Or until they have all their theology right? Or those who have parents still living--(okay only some will relate here)--do you feel unloved or rejected if you are in a financial bind and have to ask for help? Or suffer the fallout of a bad relationship? This one may not be quite as universal, but there are still some who have had the blessing of loving parents who themselves are not hindered with the "modern family" kinds of troubles. Many times, it is only a parent who can delight with you at the small things your child does, or grieve at the everyday bumps and bruises.

These are only a tiny fraction of examples, but all of them show us in a concrete way, how God looks upon us. How we can always feel secure that He is never too busy to listen to our small worries, or our little victories. He is always ready to keep going forward with us, knowing all our sins and weaknesses. He gives us the prime example of how we can be a better parent, and exercise patience with our offspring when we are really feeling the weight of life's modern problems.

Again, I heavily rely on the Blessed Mother, in the rosary, and in my green scapular prayers for all my kids and their boyfriends/girlfriend/husband/child. It is a mystery, but those prayers have kept us afloat and occasionally have shown wondrous fruit. My own life has taken on a certain stability, my foundation being the Lord Jesus and His Church; Mary, ever interceding for, and counseling us. There is a rest, a confidence, and joy that knowing we need not fear the next Modern innovation that may come upon us, Because He hasn't been surprised yet, nor confounded. There really isn't anything new under the sun.

Now- here we are on Christmas--

well, this was a few days before. Melissa was at the eye doctor--her eyes were so dilated we felt it should be recorded.

Ben and Rachael's school concert.

 a few nice surprises :)


Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas Day! don't forget ~ it is still Christmas!

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  1. Yes, it is still Christmas. My Nativity and some lights will stay up until the Feast of the Presentation.

    Very good observations about God's unconditional love for us. Where would any of us be if He decided to wait until we got our acts together to love us back? How many of us would make it to Heaven? Not too many!