Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thank you God, for my family

You have seen this one. Here is the line up. Left to right-Ben, Meghann, Rachael(seated), Corrie, (standing), Malaika, me, Daniel and Melissa. These are all my kids all together under one roof. It was controlled mayhem, but the best kind.

Here are Kaden, Jeff and Meghann on the first few days of their stay. Okay, usually the camera was pointed at Kaden, or, erm, Spiderman. Which we HAD to address him by if we wanted a response.

Now for Thanksgiving Day.

  Meghann, blurry-camera problems, sorry, but you can see the cuteness anyway.

 Adam, full mouth smile.
 The blurriness kind of illustrates how much this kid is in motion.


  Daniel and his girlfriend, the adorable Rachael. She is also sweet.


Michael with my Rachael. I think they had a good time? Rachael does not usually sport a glass of wine.                      

Ben, with Dan's Rachael. We had three tables, this was the one in the living room. I spent most of the meal going in and out of the kitchen.



 walking around while eating Nonnie's food

Grandmom and Justin's dad. He was very solicitous to her, and they had some nice conversation.   

Corrie and Bob. I think they were full.

Kaden, peering over his special little square cup.
 A couple arrangements I put together that morning. fun! I used ribbons from Meghann and Jeff's wedding.

   Here are the kids with all the husbands, boyfriends, girlfriend, child, etc. Missing is Corrie's boyfriend. He went and did her DJ job that evening so she could be with us :)
So it is--Jeff, Meghann and Kaden, then Ben (standing), Corrie, (seated with Kaden's feet in her lap), Rachel and Michael, Daniel and Rachael, Adam and Melissa (standing) and Malaika, with crossed eyes. Perfect.

At the door, saying goodbye to Uncle Daniel. Meghann-"do you want to give Uncle Daniel a kiss?" Kaden-"" Hilarity.

 a few shots of Kaden and Malaika doing what they do. She was happy to be older than somebody for a change.

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  1. Ooops, forgot about comment moderation and mine got deleted. I love the centerpiece you did and how you tied in the wedding to the dinner. It's amazing how many people we can fit into our small rowhomes when there is so much love and the joy of the holidays. I'm always such a crank when everyone first arrives because I'm buzzing around cooking, but my family forgives me for it and once we sit down, all is well again. BTW, Kaden, excuse me SPIDERMAN, is adorable. Your family loves you too!