Friday, February 11, 2011

7 quick takes Friday #2


I never thought I would say this, but when is Lent getting here? I actually do know the date, it just is SO late this year, everything feels off somehow. I keep thinking it's time to go to Dunkin Donuts.


 Today we find out if Rachael is accepted at her first choice in colleges. Moore College of Art. I took her yesterday for a portfolio review and I can tell you from the sounds that were coming from behind the door, that I am sure she will get a yes. Now, if they offer her a nice fat scholarship, (which was hinted at already), we will be in business! One down--one to go. Melissa has set her sights on Villanova~ please keep that in your prayers!


 Ah, the joys of mid-life! Anybody else feel like we already did the  adolescent thing once, do we REALLY have to do it over? Breakouts, mood swings, weight issues, along with the classics, sweating and sleep disturbances. Yay. But I really can't complain. I kind of like this stage of life. There is a weird freedom in aging, and kind of being released from the youth cult. Now whatever I do, even if it is a beauty regimen, I don't expect a lot. Really, it's my insides that need most of the work, and I have kept my favorite saints and blesseds, etc... busy working on that.


Valentines Day! We don't get too excited about it, but this Sunday, we will be going to a dinner at Cafe Con Chocolate, where two of my daughters work/have worked. There will be live entertainment, consisting of Corrie's boyfriend, Justin, and a friend of his which we now consider ours, Dimitri Kauriga. Should be a lovely evening! Excellent food, awesome music and good friends.


Still wrangling with that depression devil, petered out with my exercise, (no thanks to the Sick), and still dismayed at the state of the world and some parts of the Church. But even with all that, I can say I feel the abiding presence of the Lord, and have a much greater degree of peace. Thankfully, He has not decided that this will be a Dark Night of the Soul-ish time for me, and I gratefully accept His consolationsMany heartfelt thanks to all who are keeping me and my family in your prayers. I would ask that you not stop just yet. :)


As we go through some of the seasons in our family life, many of the kids are reaching young adulthood, as well as other various stages in life, it can be tough to really trust God. I mean, knowing what I know about the world, and the growing up process (of which all I can really say is "ouch!") I find myself turning to the Divine Mercy prayer. When I get to the part in which I say, "Jesus, I trust in You,"  I have in the back of my mind--do I? I guess if I was going to get technical, I would say, "Jesus, I want to trust in You." Sort of like, "I believe, help my unbelief." Because I know my faith is weak, but I want to get better. (Lord, this is not a request for Faith Boot Camp.) In any case, I will keep saying, "Jesus, I trust in You," with the hopes it will sink in.


My husband has been attending a group called The King's Men. 

 It has been a wonderful experience and faith support for him, and I highly recommend it to any man. Kudos, King's Men!

I pray that you all have a blessed, peace filled weekend!



  1. I really like #3 and #5--thanks for sharing!
    --Kim D. in WI

  2. Welcome, Kim! Thanks for dropping by :)

  3. I can't wait for Lent to get here either. And I love the photo of Padre Pio! Never saw that one before, it's beautiful. And what, pray tell, is the King's Men? Tell us more

  4. There is a large Divine Mercy painting at my church. I always sit as close as I can to it. It is so reassuring to me.

  5. One - I was thinking similar the other day, when is Lent coming? I'm actually looking forward to it myself. I don't think I've ever felt that way before. Maybe because i've been hanging out lately on all these Catholic blogs...LOL.

    Two - Good luck to all your children. They sound very talented.

    Three - I don't want to go back to teens either, but I would like the aging to just stop. I don't mind being a perpetual 49. :)

    Four - This is my first Valentines day with my son. I realized that not only will I have to get a card for my wife, but I'll have to get one for her from him. :)

    Five - Hope you feel better. I'll say another one for you. How does one remember all the prayers that people need? If I don't say one right now for you, I'll forget by the time I go to bed and formally say my prayers.

    Six - I have the same moments of weakness. Going to these Catholic blogs has strengthened me for sure.

    Seven - Interesting. If I had more time I would like to join something like that. But my schedule is more than full I'm afraid.

    Thanks for a great blog. :)

  6. oh, and am adding "college admissions" to the prayer intentions for your family!

  7. Joyce, thanks! Rachael did get accepted to Moore!
    The Kings Men is a group in which men receive fellowship and instruction; develop accountability and do things together like retreats and anti-porn picketing. Bob is enjoying it immensely! Check out the link if you get a chance.
    Manny-Thank you, my kids are a bundle of wonderful people. I hope you, your wife and Matthew have a lovely Valentines day together!
    Many times, if I think I have forgotten any prayer requests, I add, " and for everybody I promised to pray for..." lol. I'm sure God knows.
    And Mary Catherine- I share your love for the Divine Mercy!

  8. "Lord, this is not a request for Faith Boot Camp" had me grinning! It sounds like something I would say to the Lord too! I want as much faith as possible but I'm a little wary of what it takes to obtain great faith! (Think - HUGE trials!) I'm with you on the Divine Mercy prayer!