Friday, February 25, 2011

7 quick takes Friday #4, minus three- update


This week was and is chock full of world news mayhem. Some of it, here. People of my generation are not accustomed to quite so much unrest. There are some that think I am a bit naive about it, especially about the priest scandals. Maybe so. When it all gets overwhelming, I think of my dad. He was a firefighter for the Navy during WWII, and the times that he and my mother lived through, right on the heels of the Great Depression.  I remember that there is nothing new under the sun, and that God is the same, looking at all of this, not disturbed in the least. Sad, maybe for how far his beloved people have fallen, if God can be sad in that way. I only can think of earthly parents and children, even adult children, and know the deep sadness we can feel when our own are having any kind of trouble. As much as I believe in getting out and doing what we can about the evil swirling around us, I just want to pray and, yes, even fast ( I am saying it that way to MYSELF), for the state of the world. 


Bob and I have been asked to provide the music for Helpers of Gods Precious Infants, Philadelphia, on an ongoing basis. For about three  or four years, we have been the pinch hitters, the seminarians being the primaries. We are excited to be given this honor, and ask for your prayers that we will be able to fulfill this for God's glory.


Hang onto your hats, kids! Here are a few snapshots from my daily life. Today, even. I go to my local Acme a lot. Nearly every day. The people that work there sometimes laugh and say, "see you tomorrow!" Only, it's true. They are all very nice to all of my family, the manager gave my MIL flowers for her birthday. Once, Justin went with me for a quick Acme run, and everybody was saying hello, how are ya, etc...and he said, "what are you, Acme royalty?" Pretty much, or at least a minor celebrity. It's not so bad!

My sun roof looks like this today.

This is where I spend a good deal of my time.


 These people are the salt of the earth. Please pray for this lovely woman, who is in tons of pain with a bad knee, and has been told she should get a replacement.


Well, as it sometimes happens, I just got a phone call informing me that one of my daughters has just had another seizure and is on her way to the ER. So I ask your prayers, and I hope to be back to add a few more quick takes that include some good news.

The power of the rosary.
A detail from the Sistine Chapel.


My daughter was admitted to the hospital last night for testing.  Last night when I left she was feeling okay, except for a headache, kind of common after a seizure. Thank you for your prayers! Please continue to offer them for her and her doctors.



  1. Prayers for Corrie and for you.

    Driving home from work, I started thinking about gay marriage and wondering how much more the Lord is going to tolerate before He decides to smite us all.

    I do everything possible to avoid my ACME, although I must say a developing screen writer could get a lot of ideas just standing in line and observing what goes on. Every day in our ACME is the kind that makes you wonder if the moon is full.

  2. We don't have Acme stores in NYC, but every time I pass one I think of the coyote and the road runner. ;)

    Oh my Gosh on your daughter. Prayers sent especially for her.

  3. oops, and almost forgot, congrats on your new permanent "gig". What a wonderful ministry, especially considering it's at 7am on a Saturday morning. God will not forget your sacrifice on behalf of the unborn.