Monday, April 4, 2011

a hat day

Today looks as though it is going to shape up to be a day in which I don my "professional mom" hat.  Of course, I never take that one off, after all one never stops being a mom. But when some of the children are in the foothills of adulthood, there are times when the hat has to be downgraded a bit to something less formidable, say, a little doily, lest I quench their growth.

But today it's a hat day. Rachael woke up with what appears to be an abscessed tooth. Our regular dentist does not have hours today (two things one can't do on a Monday; 1. get a haircut, and 2. have a dental emergency). so I am waiting for the 9:00 hour and will start calling around.

 When these kinds of things happen I have that burst of clear thinking and sort of overdrive. I go through this check list of essentials:

1. What do I have on the schedule today? can I clear it/change it?
2. What are all the other people in the house's schedule?
3. How will we pay for the (insert crisis or quasi-crisis here)?
4. Can I get a cup of coffee before we go?

And there are some days that call for a hard hat. Thanks be to God not today.

 Sometimes dads have to do this too. Only they have to get their own hats.

As it turns out I was able to get an appointment with a group my other daughter goes to. So- off to do some of the other errands before the dentist--lets see, where's my hat?---


  1. LOL, what cute blog. :) Hope Rachael's tooth is better.

  2. Thanks! She is on penicillin, it is indeed an abscess. She should feel a lot better in 24 hours.
    Surely you get my pithy references? (hahahaha...)

  3. I enjoyed your pithy references. :)

  4. Manny, I hope you get back to this spot, as I refrain from commenting over at the Anchoress, but I appreciated your recent comments there, and agree 100%. If she was being as neutral as she claims, then she wouldn't be making *any* negative comments on Fr.C's "style." There is another blogger just throwing up post after post in "proof" of why Fr. C needs to be taken down a peg or three for lack of humility and decorum as becomes a priest, and apparently sure that his celebrity has gone to his head. I wonder if this same person has any problems with the late Fulton Sheen? I can't jump into the fray over there, sometimes I really want to, but I am trying my hardest to keep my Lent a measured and peaceful one. Try-ing!

  5. Thanks for telling me in your other blog you had replied here or i would have miissed it. I'm fairly certain that Anchoress is not sympathetic to Fr. Corapi, but since she got some heat for it I think she's been restraining herself. You bring up Bishop Fulton Sheen, and someone in her blog brought up Pope JPII as charasmatic. You are both right on. How are people supposed to hear the Good News of the Catholic Church if there is no one who will get their attention. I have this problem with many Catholics in that they are self absorbed into their own soul. I call it the monk syndrome. They are locked into themselves and think all Catholics should be that way. But there are other people who have the capablity to reach out and touch the lives of others. For me those people are way more important than those that just live in a monk's cell and contemplate their navel. People who can touch the lives of others are special and should be welcomed. Fr. Corapi is such a person. So was JPII, Mother Theresa, Bishop Sheen, Dr. Scott Hahn, and I think even my Bishop here in NY, Bishop Dolan. Having charisma and personality which they focus for the work of the Lord is a positive thing.

    And not all people who have this capability to touch the lives of others are Catholic or even Christian. I have such a positive view of Billy Graham and Oskar Schindler.

    By the way, I also loved the comment that one person that said Jesus himself was a charasmatic preacher who drew quite a following. Absolutely. I've said this before, I think to Joyce, Jesus was an extrovert. ;)

  6. Oh I stopped back to tell you Anchoress had yet another Fr. Corapi blog today. I just found it and commented. ;)

    Not sure if this is a double post. I just wrote something similar and it did something strange and not sure if it took.

  7. It did take and I appreciate it! I just got in from a long and far away rehearsal and my eyes are crossing--but I will get over to the Anchoress to see your comment tomorrow!