Tuesday, April 12, 2011

some music. it is requiem season, after all

please remember to pause the playlist--or you will have the Requiem Mashup on you hands :)

This could be my all time favorite piece of music. This video is just a small part.

And here are a few shots from last weekends Adventures with Mozart. There is also a video of the first movement, but I am going to wait and see if they record us again this coming weekend, now that we all have had some practice playing together. Some of the string players were _sight reading_ !! Props to them.

Conductor--Paul Kauriga

me--yeah, I don't know.

The clarinet player in front of me is legally blind--a very accomplished player--AND--he wears periscope glasses. Malaika was pretty awed by this.

 Here are the soloists' feet and hands. (Bob forgot his glasses. But he did a pretty good job since the camera batteries were practically dead.)  Next week, we will let you see their faces! Which were pretty nice, and also the sounds coming out of them.

 Anyway, we had fun. This weekend I am looking forward to 1. not having to drive quite so far, though it was lovely out where we were, 2. knowing the piece better. and 3. having a better reed!! The one I was playing on was an unidentifiable age and not reliable. eek.

This has been a wonderful Lenten thing to do. It reminds me about something God gave me that brings a part of me alive and hopefully enriches the lives of others as well. Bob and I hope to be able to do more as the kids get older and more independent. Malaika was offered a saxophone and lessons to go with it, so she made out pretty well also!


  1. Manny if you are thinking about getting a recording of the Faure, I highly recommend the Cambridge singers.

    or here is one that John Rutter conducted. I haven't heard it, but one can imagine :)


  2. I haven't given much thought to requiem pieces but now you've sparked my interest. Maybe one day I'll catch a live performance :)

  3. Thanks. That video was very nice. That first CD seems kind of expensive. I wonder why such a price. I'll probab ly get the rutter one.

    Did I tell you I bought the Rutter collection. I didn't get the one I originally had my eye one. I got this one since it had so many more pieces:

    I haven't really had time to listen to it yet.