Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday with Mozart

 ~to listen to Mozart~please pause the playlist~ :)

This is kind of a weird chopped up version--just bits of the entire thing. But you get the idea. Today is our first performance and next Sunday we do it again at another church. It starts off with a bassoon solo...:)


  1. Tell me again, where will the performance be held? Good luck!

  2. thanks! It went well. today was in Hellertown, Pa. Next Sunday afternoon at 4:00 we do it again in Bensalem.

  3. Mozart's Requiem is great. Too bad it was unfinished. I believe that was what he was working on when he died. Now I can never make up my mind who has the greater Requiem, Mozart or Verdi. Whichever i hear last is the one I consider the greatest, and so i keep flip flopping. This was such a joy to hear. Thanks. Check out Verdi's if you haven't heard it, though I bet you have.

  4. Well, just to throw in my vote in the Battle of the Requiem(s) ? I love the Faure. I have been listening to it since I was in high school. I'm sure I have sung pieces of the Verdi, but never the whole thing.
    I actually saw the Journey home you were talking about. It was being re-aired when we turned on EWTN one night. I did enjoy it, though I may have fallen asleep before the end. I will take a look at the link. ( I am not watching TV but don't consider EWTN, the Weather Channel or on Sunday nights, Food Network real "TV" watching . :)

    We have one more weekend of Mozart. This past one was 2 hours travel each way, 2 days in a row + the actual playing---I am BEAT today. Plus my house from the kids hanging about all weekend and laundry...oy. I guess it's the price one pays, lol!
    Now I will have to add the Faure Requiem to the blog. Hope I can find a good recording.

  5. ps- I added a tiny snippet from the Faure to the playlist. Maybe I will try to find a good you tube version and post it for Good Friday.

  6. I had never even heard of Gabriel Faure. I just looked him up. I will have to get his Requiem based on your recommendation. I'm listening to the snippet now. Sounds very nice. Thanks.

    Hope you feel better.