Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The perspective from a different angle

I am posting from my daughters house in Michigan. I do enjoy being here. A very nice break from city life, and of course, wonderful to be with her, her husband and my grandson. I will not be able to post pictures yet, as I am taking them all with my phone and have not gotten a complete handle on all the workings on it.

She and I bought flowers and started planting her yard today. fun! I was also introduced to a beer called Leinenkugel. It has four flavors, one for each season. The summer one is called Summer Shandy, and has a lemony flavor. Kind of Corona-y. The fall one is Sunset Wheat. Jeff says it has a Skittle-y taste. Don't knock Skittles and beer until you try it.
So yes, days here are a bit different than my usual.

I am still linked in to daily life back home. Bob and the kids are pitching in, and stepping up to do everything that needs to be done. So that Mom can hang out in Michigan and bond with the biggest kids-and the smallest one.
Thanks guys.


  1. Enjoy being a grandma. Both of my son's grandmas just love it. He's not their only grandchild, but they never seem to tire of the grandchildren. You sound like you're really enjoying yourself. Continue having fun!

  2. Funny, I was reading about Leinenkugel just yesterday on a motorsports forum!
    I love your blog, and gave you an award! Stop by my blog and accept it! :)

  3. Thank you both! Yes, Leinenkugel is the bomb. ANd I did enjoy every minute I had with them :)