Thursday, May 19, 2011

What I did on my summer (okay, Spring) vacation

Hello! Yes I am still alive. I haven't had two minutes in a row for quite a while, and don't have too many at my disposal right now, but really wanted to share a bit about my trip. This picture was taken from the bus that took me from the Detroit airport to Jackson, MI., on my way to see Meghann and Co. It was a lovely sunset~ and after approximately 97 tries, this was the best I could do. But you get the idea!


Poor Jackson! Kind of a dying town; the only thing left there is the prison. Which kind of explains the general atmosphere, and perhaps even the Welcome Cabbage under the bench at the hotel where the bus let off.

  But then the real fun began - I spent ten days with my daughter, her husband and my grandson. I had him to myself the first day- we played inside-he felt that it was a day to lounge in pj's and what could I do but agree, cause, when isn't it?

But then even that tired us out--

 Then later was swim class.

He had this smile pasted on his face the entire time he was in the water-


this kid is too much. Maybe its the Nonnie in me, but really, look at that face.

 playing outside

                  eating his fave-pancakes

Right after we ate at this little place (where in fact Meghann used to work), we went to a playground in downtown Kalamazoo. It included a verrry high castle-like playscape thingy, with one of those corkscrew  enclosed slides. Again. Very high. There was just one panel  on the side from which an unsuspecting child could fall. Naturally, this precipitated either Meghann or I having to go up with him and then down the slide. (Meghann did this with keys, phone, and coffee in hand). But the worst was the first turn of the corkscrew. It practically took your leg off! Meghann has a few shots of me at the bottom. Maybe I will be able to get some from her...ahem. :D Not flattering but pretty amusing.

Here are some shots of our gardening. We started this bed last year, and this year, turned the whole thing over and added that black stripping in the back, and broken stone in the front. That alone represents so much more work than meets the eye! The light pink plants are flowering tobacco. She also puts morning glories along the fence to climb up. Hopefully, I will get some pictures of how things progress!

   A few we didn't get planted before I left.

 magnolia--planted last year. still a baby, but pretty.
I put in the circular bed last year. This is freshly planted, with snapdragons in the middle. It should turn out beautifully! IF the birds don't eat all the wildflower seeds, that is..
  There was plenty more, of which I somehow lost my photos...

Teaching Kaden to roll down hills.

At the Kalamazoo Nature Center

the craft he made

 I got to watch a friend's baby too one day. Kaden is ready to be a big brother. (face with eyebrows raised_here_)

                             gripping Kadens golf ball.

  another crash nap in the car

right before I left he treated me to a show

  and this was sent to my phone as I was travelling--a consolation Scooby Doo ice cream. Notice Sophie watching from the doorway.

Of course I really miss them. He is growing up before my eyes and Meghann and Jeff are so great to be around. Here are a few nice moments of special days we had together-

It is hard being far apart. We do talk frequently, and share pictures. I think that they have a very good life there, though. We all hope to meet at my brothers in North Carolina this summer (Gary-if you are reading this, is that okay? lol) which would be a really grand time. God willing!

I have lots to share with you. This is just a little album of ten days in May that were precious to me.

God Bless you!



  1. That was wonderful to read. Your grand son looks like he's got mucho personality. :))) God bless you all.

  2. I loved this - he is so like my grandson who I love to bits :-)