Monday, May 23, 2011

my award!

Thanks to Mommy Magpie at Magpie Collective, for recognizing my blog as one of fifteen blogs she really likes. She refers to it as "simple, profound posts from a mother of seven." Not too shabby! 

Next in the rules are to list seven things about myself. Sort of the personal revelatory seven quick takes. mmmm... I think my mind is just somewhere else~ so begging pardon of the rule-maker! I think I will go ahead with my own inclinations today. BUT! Next and last on the rule list was to post fifteen links to my favorite new blogs. Well, I don't exactly have fifteen as I've been on a bit of a break, but I will post as many as I can.

Here is my reading list when I go blog reading:

1.The Little Way -written by someone I think of as a dear friend and faithful to serve up, well, the Faith!

2.The Log in My Own Eye -written by someone whose life journey I really relate to, who shares from the heart.

3.J's Cafe Nette
-a collaborative effort, with posts from several bloggers with topics ranging from personal things, to the spiritual, political and humorous. Of particular delight to some of us mom-types are Manny's posts about his adopted son.

4.I have to sit down -this blog is doing fine without my endorsement, but I have to include it because I love to read everything Simcha Fisher writes. Writing-wise, she is my hero. Get ready to laugh, and don't drink anything while reading, especially near your electronics.

5.These Stone Walls -written by a falsely accused Catholic priest, who has served 19 years in prison. Wonderfully written, sad, profound insights from a perspective not many of us will ever know.

6.Walk to the Horizon-My daughter's blog. Well written, poignant and funny. Needs to share her talents by updating a little more! Her topic is often near and dear to my heart, her son.

7.The Rosary Trail-This little blog is full of thoughtful, charitable but straightforward posts about the Faith.

And so, folks that all for now. The lovely lady that started this has a great list too, many of which I also recommend. Go and check out her list! Heck, spike all the stats of these dear bloggers. Lord, knows we all try hard!


  1. Oh that is so kind of you to mention me! Thank you. I enjoy your blog as well. I need the advice of an experienced parent. ;)

  2. okay sorry readers..ALL the links but one are broken. However the blogs can all be found on my sidebar. sorry!