Friday, June 3, 2011

As promised!

Here are some photos of Rachael and Michael at her senior prom. Because of a time constraint, I cant do much editing or captioning. But if you know me at all, you know I won't be able to resist a few.

here are a few from the hairdresser.

Rachael has very long, heavy hair. The process behind even the subtle look she wanted was pretty extensive, in an attempt to get it to hold up for as long as possible before falling out.

The hairdresser even had her come back later so the curls could stay pinned until the last minute. She is right at the end of our block, and when she saw us out taking pictures later, come running down to see the full effect. She told Rachael she was ready for the red carpet. Ironically, outside the venue for the prom, there was an actual red carpet, and a photographer taking shots as they arrived!

(my apologies to the lady in the back waiting for her color to develop...)

 Michael arrives and they commenced flower pinning and I got lots of shots, of which here are a few. Don't you love her hair? Wait till you see the whole dress...

Beautiful flowers! okay so I 'm captioning like shoot me...

The dress! And Rachael's cute look.

Michael's sister and family came to take some pictures too.

 Their baby is adorable! Malaika didn't want to let her go.

on the way

...and most importantly, they had a good time.  

Oh my, my #5 is going to college. This must mean something about my age....not sure what....


  1. Is this the daughter who used to sing with you at the Holy Hours for First Sunday? Very beautiful and genuine. May she stay that way for you always!

  2. I have to apologize Kelly, I have not been able to log in to blogger. While I could still comment on the other blogs, for some reason I could not comment on yours at all. Very strange. Even now, the only way I could sign in was through Firefox. It just occurred to try Firefox and it worked.

    I meant to reply here that your daughter looked beautiful. I hope she had a wonderful time.

  3. Thank you Joyce, my feelings and prayers exactly!
    Thanks Manny, I agree, she is a beauty. I figured the trouble you mentioned having was related to your scarcity around the blogs. We had our hard drive and motherboard replaced, and many bugs to iron out after that. Perhaps my settings changed, plus all the blogger trouble as of late. Who knows? But glad you're back!

  4. The scarcity was partly that and partly being extremely busy. I was exhausted a few of those nights after coming home from work.

    Actually they told us a trick to log into blogger through Explorer. Sign in normally but uncheck the remember me box and it now works. Very weird. Still no idea why your blog was different from the others.