Saturday, June 18, 2011

John Corapi~no longer Father~ Happy Father's Day indeed.

 Fath..uh, John Corapi's blog is here. I am one of many who are saddened. And shocked. At least he is not in prison, like Father McRae (These Stone Walls) is, (and has been for seventeen years). Whose case would be easily proved, if tried, OR who could leave prison if he pled guilty.
So, it does go on. Fault? Don't know. But if a human being has the right to make an accusation, than a priest, also a human being, should at least be able to have the right to a defense. But keeping it all in the dark really stinks.


  1. here is a good article -

  2. I'm saddened too. How long has this process been, five months? Does someone who has committed to being a priest - and that is a huge committment, one that I couldn't make - quit being a priest after some adversity that has gone on five or six months? And he was a priest for 20 years. It's very strange. I could see quitting the priesthood after things dragged on a few years, but this is just too short. One has to question his committment, if not his innocence. I've defended him all this time. I can no longer do so. I don't think I'm interested in his new ministry/mission or whatever it is.

  3. I look at it this way--(firstly I don't really understand the next step thing, and since I don't, I'm not ready to say anything about it, but I do intend to follow what's going on as best I can)--but if his teaching was orthodox enough to air on EWTN, allll the way up until this broke, then why now, unless there was some obvious wrong that someone proved he did, would there be reason to excoriate him? His role as an active priest was to get right to the heart of things. Maybe his role as an inactive priest will be to bring attention to the horrendous way _all_ wrongly accused priests are treated.
    I don't think not liking his personality is equal to branding him a sinner or a bad priest. I just don't see any evidence of that.

  4. I hope he surprises me and makes a great success of his new ministry/mission or whatever it is. I hope he makes a positive contribution to Catholic life. But this black sheep dog thing is very disconcerting.

    Have you seen the wild discussion going on at Catholic portal of Patheos? I wasn't on the computer yesterday, so i missed most of this dicussion.

  5. No, I am trying to avoid the wild discussions :/ If I get a burst of energy, I may go take a look. Today, I am trying to give my husband a nice Father's Day, which started with the all night in the oven cheesecake (really! best cheesecake you ever had). I need to make up of denting our new car the other day :/

  6. Our old parish priest was accused of molestation and was found innocent, this in the midst of the scandals. He took it a step further and fought back, with an attorney against the child, now of age, who made the claim. As it turns out the charges were completely made up out of anger by a troubled child. This could have ruined him, and as it is there will always be doubt in some people's minds.

    From what I have read there is a good case that these charges against Fr Corapi may be false as well, but we may never know. He pulled himself out of the gutter and ended up being quite a celebrity, which would make him attractive to some as well as a target if perhaps advances were rejected. Or can fame, especially when you've been tempted in the past, cause you to lose track of your mission.

    We need to consider too anything he may have said against the American bishops, politics and some unusual connections being made there. Could there be a good reason to silence him? Not sure but there is talk of that as well.

    Again, we may never know but pray for the right outcome. What a priest does as a priest is always valid, take the good teachings and keep them with you, regardless of what he did or did not do as a man.

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  8. Of one thing I am positive, and that is that I don't know hardly anything. I don't claim to have any special understanding about what is going on. I just read this article --

    which has some information I don't know how to take.

    So, yes, I will carry the good with me. and as for the rest, wait and see what happens. I will still hope and pray for the best.

  9. It seems the millions he got for the coronary law suit turned him back to the dark side, silly man.

    1. I would not normally post comments from people calling themselves "Unknown" -- but I did this time and so will respond.

      I posted this very soon after Father Corapi's Ash Wednesday announcement. Since then most information has indeed pointed to his guilt.

      One thing I still afford him is my gratitude and my prayers. He was a good teacher and preacher, and taught me well. Whatever his story, he was a good priest, and also a human being. One does not have to be a "silly man" to fall into sin, it could happen to you or to me at any time. But for the grace of God.

      I frequently prayer for him, as much as I remember all the good teaching I received, which is all the time.

      God Bless you.

    2. whoops, *pray for him, that is.