Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Seeking God. And perhaps a hairdresser.

I am writing to you from my sick bed today. Ooh doesn't that conjure up images like this?

In reality it is much closer to this. 

With hair thus.  

Right! Now that you have the setting in mind. 

While reading the Magnificat this morning, the meditation for the day was this poem by St. Teresa of Avila (Jesus).

Seeking God 

Soul, you must seek yourself in Me
And in yourself seek Me

With Such skill, soul,
Love could portray you in Me
That a painter well gifted
Could never show
So finely that image.

For love you were fashioned
Deep within me
Painted so beautiful, so fair;
If, my beloved, I should lose you,
Soul, in yourself see Me.

Well I know that you will discover
Yourself portrayed in my heart
So lifelike drawn
It will be delight to behold
Yourself so well painted.

And should by chance you do not know
Where to find Me,
Do not go here and there;
But if you wish to find Me,
In yourself seek Me.

Soul, since you are My room,
My house and dwelling,
If at any time,
Though your distracted ways
I find the door tightly closed,
Outside Yourself seek Me not,
To find Me it will be
Enough only to call Me,
Then quickly will I come,
And in yourself seek Me.

It's no wonder why she is a Doctor of the Church.  What good medicine!

Stay healthy people! If not physically, at least spiritually!




  1. You find the best photos to post when you're sick. I still laugh about the wretching toilet you posted a few years back. Feel better :)

    1. Ha! Thanks Joyce. When I'm sick I need to laugh!

  2. Feel better Kelly. Prayers still going for your family's health.

    1. Thanks Manny. My son went back to school today, and I have a lot of driving around to do. The fresh air will feel good.

  3. aw thanks, Carol :) Feeling better every day. :)