Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lent stuff.

 Here is some of my favorite Lenten reading and a few prayers. Just thought I would share them with you.
Also a few sites with lists I found interesting. One is brought to you by Life Teen. I have heard the masses are bad, (I have never been to one), but I liked the list.

This is from The Imitation of Christ, Thomas à Kempis. (who in the world has à for a middle name/initial/something)? 




    MY CHILD, you should give all for all, and in no way belong to yourself. You must know that self-love is more harmful to you than anything else in the world. In proportion to the love and affection you have for a thing, it will cling to you more or less. If your love is pure, simple, and well ordered, you will not be a slave to anything. Do not covet what you may not have. Do not possess anything that can hinder you or rob you of freedom.
    It is strange that you do not commit yourself to Me with your whole heart, together with all that you can desire or possess. Why are you consumed with foolish sorrow? Why are you wearied with unnecessary care? Be resigned to My will and you will suffer no loss.
    If you seek this or that, if you wish to be in this place or that place, to have more ease and pleasure, you will never rest or be free from care, for some defect is found in everything and everywhere someone will vex you. To obtain and multiply earthly goods, then, will not help you, but to despise them and root them out of your heart will aid. This, understand, is true not only of money and wealth, but also of ambition for honor and desire for empty praise, all of which will pass away with this world.
    The place matters little if the spirit of fervor is not there; nor will peace be lasting if it is sought from the outside; if your heart has no true foundation, that is, if you are not founded in Me, you may change, but you will not better yourself. For when occasion arises and is accepted, you will find that from which you fled and worse.


    Strengthen me by the grace of Your holy spirit, O God. Give me the power to be strengthened inwardly and to empty my heart of all vain care and anxiety, so that I may not be drawn away by many desires, whether for precious things or mean ones. Let me look upon everything as passing, and upon myself as soon to pass away with them, because there is nothing lasting under the sun, where all is vanity and affliction of spirit. How wise is he who thinks thus!
    Give me, Lord, heavenly wisdom to learn above all else to seek and find You, to enjoy and love You more than anything, and to consider other things as they are, as Your wisdom has ordered them. Grant me prudence to avoid the flatterer and to bear patiently with him who disagrees with me. For it is great wisdom not to be moved by the sound of words, nor to give ear to the wicked, flattering siren. Then, I shall walk safely in the way I have begun.

I was reading through the Imitation, and got stuck here, and have been reading this section over and over. In some things, I am a slow learner.

Ah, what to give up? Actually, I have been honing the way I do Lent for almost ten years, since my conversion. I stop doing a lot of the things that eat up my time and have little substance. Most TV (not all), certain online things (not all--obviously), and some foods (definitely not too many). I spend more time in prayer and spiritual reading, daily mass and rosary, nightly examination of conscience, and try to get to confession weekly.

This is that list from Life Teen. Definitely not your usual no-chocolate Lent. 
Here is a more comprehensive and conventional list of ideas, from Catholic Exchange.


 Here are a few prayers I love, from the little gem of a prayer booklet we got during parish visitation this year. 

Mother of Compassion

O Holy Virgin, in the midst of all your glory, we ask you not to forget the sorrows of this world. Cast a look of pity upon all who struggle against life's difficulties, and who cease not to feel all its bitterness. Have pity on all who have been separated from those they love. Have pity on the lonely and friendless. Pardon the weakness of our faith. have pity on those whom we love. O Holy Mother, show a mother's compassion toward the sorrowful and those who tremble under life's afflictions. Give them hope and peace.

Prayer for Those Whose Lives I Touched

Beloved Shepherd of Souls! As I tread into the sunset of my life, I grow anxious for the spiritual welfare of souls who came to know me. It grieves me to think of the offenses they may have committed because of words or deeds of mine. I have in mind those who were my close responsibility
as well as those whom I sponsored in Baptism and whose spiritual condition is no longer known to me. In Your Merciful Goodness I now plead for the pardon of the soul who because of me may have lost Your favour. Humbly I implore You, let not one of them be lost, but when they leave this world may they find glorious entry into the Kingdom of Heaven! On behalf of those who may need to atone for offenses I may have caused them to commit, I offer You any infirmities or sufferings I am to undergo during the remaining years of my life. Dear Shepherd of Souls, grant them life eternal.
                                                                                                                               F.E. Callaghan


  1. Parish visitations...sigh... another custom fallen by the wayside in so many parishes. What is the name of the little prayer book? Sometimes the richest spiritual treasures come in the simplest forms. And I love the photos you find for your blog - always good for a smile. Blessings. Joyce

    1. Joyce I think it was just made up for St. Monica's to give out at the visitation--it's called Morning and Evening prayers. We were told we got one of the last ones when Father Check was here helping out. Sad that not all parishes have that! I thought it was required or something, lol.