Sunday, February 24, 2013

today --

-- I am thankful for --

-- a 17 year old son who got up and washed the supper dishes without being asked.

-- the same son, yesterday, playing out with his band for the first time.

That's him on the drums. It was hard to get a good picture. It's a strange  feeling to be welling up for your kid while he plays screamingly loud hard/progressive rock in a funky theater in downtown Philadelphia. But I have heard them practicing in our basement and they truly are good musicians. You never know where you may end up on your kids' journeys through life. I wouldn't trade it.

--for my other son, Daniel, mentioned in my last post, who is again employed and starts Monday (Yay! and whew! and thank you Saint Joseph and all my dear praying friends) who came up from Delaware to join us in watching Ben play. Dan is also a drummer and confirmed that they were good. :) And it was nice having him around.

-- for Corrie being seizure free since Thanksgiving and cleared to go back to work. Just waiting to hear back from them, but we believe it is going to go well. 

-- for Melissa going to work at a job I once worked and being received well. We all know she will do wonderful things there.

-- for Rachael just about to pay off one of her student loans by diligently working at a local arts and crafts place, where she is well liked and appreciated.

-- for my husband, who provides piano background music when he's not working his butt off for us.  He'll be playing at the Academy of Music again this Sunday (March 3rd). He's working up Clair de Lune at this moment. One of my absolute favorites.

--for my daughter Meghann, her husband Jeff and of course Kaden -- all of whom I miss so much it hurts -- recently while I was talking with her on the phone, he piped up, "I miss you. Nonnie!" So sweet, but ow ow ow.

 -- for Malaika for taking us through the 13s once again and keeping us on our toes.

-- for our kitty. Sometimes he stinks. And tears us to shreds when we give him a bath. But he's so darn cute.

 -- for a nice conversation with my brother yesterday.

-- especially for another opportunity this Lent to draw closer to the Lord.

With all the events about to unfold in the Church, with all the nutty happenings within our own government and worldwide, there are so many sobering things, one could easily become overwhelmed. Not to ignore it, but sometimes, I have to look at what is given directly to me, and make sure I appreciate it, and do all I can to fulfill my immediate vocation. Right now, that is wife-ing and mom-ing to the best of my ability, and being the best daughter to my Father I can, by seeking His will and offering myself each day.

I am thankful for simplicity in the midst of confusion, joys in the midst of sorrows, peace in the midst of turmoil.


  1. Wow, lots of things to be thankful for. It's great when prayers are answered.

    That theater as you called it your son played at looks like a blues club in Greenich Village I used to go to when I was young. Brings back memories.

    I didn't recognize the Debussy. I just listened to it on youtube and it is very pretty. I have to say I have a thing against Debussy. He was such a nasty, horrid man in his personal life that after I heard how he treated his wife I just turned off from his music. But I should let that go and explore it more.

    1. I didn't know that about Debussy! (Bob and I had a college prof that called him De-BUE-see. lol) Well, I guess, though that we know of plenty of gifted, talented people nowadays that are not exactly upstanding citizens. :(
      The theater is the Trocadero. Ex-strip club. haha. and ew.

  2. Off topic Kelly but this is pretty cool. You and your readers might want to adopt a Cardinal for the coming conclave:

    1. I did do that, I got Cardinal Oscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga SDB of Honduras.
      Did you do it?

  3. I did that "adopt a cardinal" and guess who I got.....Jorge Bergoglio! I about lost it when I found out that he was the new pope!