Friday, February 22, 2013

7 quick prayer requests and the promotion of a great blogger

1. I would ask your prayers for some friends this Lent; namely, Kristen, Jan, Joyce, and Mary; each who are going through particularly tough ordeals and would greatly appreciate them.

2. For all priests, certainly, but in particular, Father M., Father C., and Father K.

3. For the Holy Father and the process soon to be underway, the speculations of which are already driving me crazy.

4. For Father MacRae, of this wonderful blog, who has been nominated for Best Catholic Blog, through If you would like to help him out, you can vote for These Stone Walls, here.

5. For my son, Daniel, who was unjustly fired from his long-time job.

6. For Chuck, my ex-father-in-law, and much-loved grandfather to Meghann, who is in his last time on this earth. And a special request I have asked God on his and the family's behalf. He has been suffering with Alzheimer's for many years.

7. Finally, I would ask your prayers for me, and all my intentions. I have not been able to get completely well ever since getting the flu/cold/virus/something -- some six weeks ago.I get a little better and then, down I go. It gives me something to add to my prayers, for sure, but also detracts from my ability to function. I am limping along, but my limper is getting worn out. As well as my patience. And today, added on, is a nice migraine. Sooo much to add to my prayers.

Just to put things in perspective, and to humble myself after complaining of my headache, and other things today,

I want to thank Manny, who posted a lovely memorial of a fellow blogger, Ros, who touched many with her sweetness. He included this song and video from The Passion of  the Christ, that Ros loved, and now, so do I. I listen and watch every day, and want to watch the movie again during Lent. So, Ros, your legacy of sweetness and devotion lives on. Thank you. :)


  1. Very thoughtful Kelly - thank you, and count on me.

  2. Thank you for your kindness Kelly. I shall certainly pray for your intentions. I'm sorry to hear about your son. What a handsome young man. Let's pray he gets a better job.

  3. Kelly, we will dutifully pray in agreement with you for all seven of the requests that you listed above. Thanks for the opportunity to do so.

  4. I will indeed pray for all of your intentions. What difficult trials you and your family are facing. I know God has plans for you all.

    Thank you for sharing!

  5. Well, thanks to all who prayed for my son and to St. Joseph -- Daniel starts a new job on Monday. Praise God!
    Many thanks for all your prayers for everything!

    1. Thanks be to God! And to Glorious St Joseph!