Tuesday, January 11, 2011

current events

Mine are probably a little different than what you were thinking you would find when you saw the title.

If you watch any TV news, it's been all Arizona All the Time, and for me, too much sadness and political craziness to watch and talk about 24/7. I just can't. So while I continue to check in on the progress (very heartened to hear that Gabrielle Giffords is beginning to breathe on her own and is not having increases in her brain swelling) of this tragedy, I also continue my own rather strange trajectory. Here is a list.

1. Read through the book, Unbound, by Neal Lozano. First reading~it is about deliverance prayer. I will be going through some of it with my spiritual director. I trust him, and he has assessed the book as "mostly sound", so whatever parts we adopt, I am guessing, will be the good parts.

2. I started a Zumba class today. If you are not familiar with Zumba, here is a snippet:

~and if you watched even a tiny fraction of that, and know me even a little bit, you can now get up off the floor, slap yourself across the face and go get a drink of water.  MY Zumba class is held at a Jewish fitness center, in the daytime, and is attended by some very sweet ladies. (does that make it Jewmba?, nah.) I am one of the youngsters. Since my middle is the thickest part of me, it is hard to tell if it is doing all those wiggly things the right way. If I get really good, or really deceived that I am good, maybe someday I will post a video of me doing Zumba. (snort.)

3. Hopefully, tomorrow will be Taking Down the Christmas Tree and Decorations Day. we'll see. If everybody is home for a snow day, it might be too trafficky in the living room. It is a job I do best in solitude. But the tree is refusing water, and I am afraid to light the candles.

4. The bus we thought was going to be our ride to the DC March for Life may not be going after all, so we will have to catch up with Father Tom, the Capuchin priest that takes a school bus of his students there. He offers a few pretty reasonable seats for people like us. (You know, stragglers).
We bounce along with a gaggle of pleasant children. Oh, yes, they're Chinese, so when they laugh it sounds kind of cute, and they're not as loud as your average Philadelphia school student. But the overall sound of them all talking is something different to behold.

I don't know if I will be giving my testimony on the Supreme Court steps this year. It all depends on whatever bus we go on, and when it leaves DC.

So all in all, the big picture for me is I hope I will not need any deliverance prayer from Zumba.

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  1. ha ha - I was wondering what you meant by being Zumbied out. I thought maybe you misspelled Zombie! I'm not too swift at this hour.

    I haven't heard from Deborah about the DC bus - have you?