Monday, January 31, 2011

one week Washington DC

 Here are just a few of the kids that stayed overnight on the floor, in the lower level of the national shrine.

  One of the many altars, Mother of Good Counsel
---a personal favorite. :)

 a champion of the pro life movement

 Here are a few shots from around the rest of the shrine~

                                                  a beautiful wall of glass in the crypt

The main church


The Grand Exterior and famous dome

now-we had to get to where the march was being held, which required riding the Metro--which promptly broke. We got off a stop or so early and walked/trotted the rest of the way. It was one way to keep warm!

          When we got there, here is where we waited till the March itself began~behind the rally stage. 

                                                Father Pavone -on the left.



  For being such a recognized figure throughout the world, he is a very accessible, approachable guy.


         Hey,  Brother Leo!

Here a  few shots of the march, not taken by us, but to give you an idea of what was next~

We were there in the sea of black signs, toward the left.  This was at the head of the march and it continued at this volume for *hours.* The estimates were in the 350,000 range. Plus,it was in the 20's that day. Anybody see it on the evening news? No, I thought not. Oh, yes, NPR did a little coverage. They showed a close up angle shot, blocking out the masses in the background, of all seven counter protesters. hmm. I won't post it here, but it's all over if you want to see it. hrmph.

                         Here's our group, Silent no More Awareness. We're there somewhere :)

Then we reached the steps of the Supreme Court, and about 100 women and men, one by one got up and gave their post abortion testimonies. I was allowed to go fourth, as our bus was leaving in about 30 minutes...

everyone in that huge group listened so attentively and was so supportive~ it was a grace filled event.

Many thanks to Bob for getting what pictures he could. Between the crowd, holding a sign, having either gloves or cold fingers, he did pretty well!

Also, I still ask if you would please keep our daughter and family in your prayers. I may not be able to blog and interact with you all as much, but I do appreciate my blog-friends and your prayers mean a lot to us.

~thanks, God Bless you!~



  1. Great photos. I'd really like to go again and hopefully, I will next year. Thanks for your sacrifice in not only braving the cold but sharing your story. Rest assured your family remains in my prayers.

  2. That looks awesome! It is one thing to hear the number and another to see it!! So powerful. I am proud of you for being strong/brave enough to give your testimony in front of all those people. Love.

  3. Wow. I heard not one word about this other than from the Catholic Bloggers. Thank you so much for your bravery.

  4. God bless you Kelly for your strength and courage to give your testimony in front of all those people. You do look strong and brave!

    Loved the pictures. I've never been in the National Shrine, but I have seen pictures. That frescoe (it looks like a frescoe) of Christ behind the alter doesn't really appeal to me, at least from pictures. It makes Jesus look like a body builder. It does seem natural or holy to me. But the rest does look beautiful.

    But loved your pictures. If you want to see some pictures of our little adopted son, go to my blog and look at the entry "Matthew and the Pediatrician". I could also use some advice there from an experienced parent.

    Hopefully next year I can make it to the March for Life. It looks like such a great thing to do.

  5. Thank you everyone, for your kind words!

  6. Great post. You now have another follower! We may have even seen each other at the March, our little group was standing not far from you, but closer to the Orthodox Christians for Life group. This was my first March.......wouldn't it be wonderful if we only have to go once more, to celebrate the end of abortion?

  7. You took the words out of my mouth! When we would all say-see you next year!, I would inwardly be saddened at our expectation.