Wednesday, January 26, 2011

too sick to see straight

 I am sick. This is how I feel. Sick.

I am promising here that I will *ASAP* be out with a post about the March for Life. We got only a few pictures, as it was hard maneuvering our signs AND a camera with our frozen fingers and/or gloves. But I will tell you all about it. Just as soon as I feel semi human again. Semi is really all I ever feel anyways. The only reason I can write this is because all my medicine is at it's peak effectiveness right now. In about 15 minutes I will be back to the misery.

But I miss my blog-life, and my blog-friends!

Okay, that all I can do. Back to bed.


  1. Oh, poor Kelly! I don't want to laugh at your expense, but I may have to borrow that photo from you at some point. It's hilarious, but getting sick is not, I know. Offering a Rosary for your intention.

  2. Thanks! Please do laugh. It makes the world a better place. I appreciate the prayers. It isn't that bad, I am just not that good at being sick as I used to be.