Saturday, August 14, 2010

after work blink-blogging

Well I say that now, but once I get going, you never can tell.

 I just got home from my Friday night shift at Women of Hope. 4-12. Recently I have been thinking about leaving my job there and trying to make this blogging thing bring in some shekels instead. And maybe finally get going on that book I have been wanting to write.

But when I really imagine not working there I think of how I will miss the ladies. They have grown on me. SO I think-maybe a compromise. I could start up my Rosary-and-song group again. Or Bob and I and the kids could go and do a concert. Maybe a Christmas concert! Justin could dress as Santa--he likes that sort of thing. (oh to have Kaden-he could go as mini-Santa! He likes that sort of thing, too).

The hardest part is getting the ladies to deviate from their routine. I have seen them turn on the TV while a group was there playing the piano and singing. Or pop out the foot rest on a recliner in the middle of a mass. Maybe if we stand directly in front of the TV when we do our concert, we'll have a fighting chance.

I say all this in jest and in seriousness. That is their reality, and I know I am kind of used to it. But I really appreciate my reality. Whatever I feel to be a restriction on a given day, at least I can come and go when I wish, or eat when I want, and WHAT I want. I also do not have to hear voices telling me alarming things (well, not too often) or  experience any of the myriad difficulties these ladies face daily. They are among the worlds reminders that all life is precious, even if not  noticed and revered by the majority. In some ways they truly are the least of these. It is my privilege to serve them, one more of God's gifts.

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