Monday, August 9, 2010

Welcome to this place!

However you find yourself here, welcome!, and may God bless you! Pull up a chair, read what I write and by all means respond if you feel like it.

I think everyone needs to feel welcome in life. "A mom for life" cuts a couple of ways--it is my passion and vocation, the Mom-ing thing. But also, there are some people who don't exactly get the red carpet rolled out for them. They are the babies conceived and then dismissed before they get to show up in their birthday suits, and try out the world. My first child was one of those. So if you happen to be reading this and have been through having an abortion or are thinking about getting one...don't hang up! I am not out to get you.  Because I understand what it is like, maybe we can talk. There are some tentacles that tend to cling to women and even some men after an abortion-these can be worked through and life can be good again. But if you are before that point- I don't want you to realize too late,  that a baby is just like you and I, and needs a place he can be welcome and at home. I hope you have that, and in case you don't, know that God  treasures all His children, and if you haven't lately you should have a chat with Him. You can tell him anything, say anything, He's heard it all. But most importantly, give Him a chance to talk to you. If you listen, and are willing to hear whatever He may have to say, He will answer. Seek and you shall find; knock, and the door will be opened unto you. 

 But anyways, back to the welcoming thing. At one point in my adult life, I realized how powerful rejection can be. That's a story for later. But I also learned that God's love, so freely given to us- trumps rejection and all her relatives. So- I give what I have, and keep finding I haven't run out.  

It's really pretty simple. Ask anyone who knows me, and they will tell you I am in a continual battle with fatigue, most of the time on the losing side. But, I am moving forward with greater peace and steadiness  than at any time in my life. I attribute anything good that  comes of my effort to God alone. Only He knows what I offer to Him each day, little as it is, and what astounding good He makes out of it. I have no grand position or high standing, but He takes my crumbs and somehow, makes the doughnuts. 

So I am here to encourage anybody who maybe feels that they haven't got the best situation going on, and is wanting to know some ways to make it better. You will hear about God every couple of minutes or less. He's the only Way, Truth and Life that really works. If you keep reading, you will see that it is possible to have peace and even joy in the midst of all kinds of situations. 

I am going to try and include one funny story in each of my posts. Here is todays-

Tonight I made pork chops and cabbage for dinner. There was also some chunky applesauce, in case you were thinking pork chops and cabbage sounded meager. It was pretty good. Somehow, in the course of our dinner conversation, I think it was the cabbage element that got me thinking about the natural results on the body cabbage tends to produce. From there we progressed to discussing a cruel prank some very bored person made up, called a "dutch oven", that can only be carried out after eating cabbage, beans, maybe broccoli and definitely beer. Being under covers, or having a blanket handy is necessary. You get my drift. Then I felt it prudent to warn Corrie (at the table with her boyfriend Justin) that IF she someday had children, especially boys, they would someday be thirteen or so and this would be the dinner conversation, or some variation of it, with alarming regularity.  She was quite shaken by the simple possibility of even having children, so that we had to reassure her and put the coffee on. We went from there to Justin doing imitations of Ricky Gervais.


  1. Nice Job Honey, it looks great! I love the slide show!

  2. I love your blog Kelly, well-done! There is certainly a place for it, and for YOU, in God's plan. God Bless!

  3. I just found your blog through a comment you left on Jen's blog and am loving your perspective. Now all I need is several hours to read all your posts.

    1. Wow, you found my first post! Thank you for your kind remark. Hope you enjoy!