Friday, August 20, 2010


Tomorrow morning,( and by morning, I mean the crack of dawn), Bob and I are playing music for the ProLife mass, held at St. John the Evangelist at 13th and Market. We do this once a month. Tomorrow, Rachael and Justin are joining us, as they have before. It is a relief for me, not to have to do all the singing, especially given the hour. Also, we sing well together and it lifts the mass music to a higher level. So, thank you Rachael and Justin! You make the people that rise at  an inhuman hour and trek to St. John's that much more blessed. Maybe sometime I will be able to get somebody to post us to You Tube, so I can share it here.

Anyways--it's a sacrifice that doesn't go unnoticed by God--none do, you know.


  1. I'm sure your sacrifice for the sake of the unborn is lovingly looked upon by the Lord. The fact that it's so early on a weekend morning brings even more graces.

  2. Oh I surely know! I am exaggerating the hour, it begins at 7AM. Singing at that time IS pretty difficult, but we actually love doing the music for that mass and are highly honored to be able to! The saying that showing up is half the battle rings true in this case. LOL!