Thursday, August 26, 2010

comment, comment, comment


Allow me to apologize for not posting in several days. I am in one of my--fatigue/busyness/slight disorganization/getting called in to work/attempting to ready the family for a trip/attempting to get the kids set for school--periods. As I write this, I should be getting ready for work. Which essentially means, I should be taking a nap.

I just want to encourage any readers to please comment! I would love for my blog to be more of a dialogue that monologue. (Wow-say that three times fast). I would love to hear your  thoughts and stories. 

We are readying ourselves, and by that I mean mostly me, for a road trip to visit my brother Gary in beautiful, northwest North Carolina. He lives on the side of a mountain, literally! Well, no, he does live in a house. I am very excited that we finally replaced the camera I dropped two Christmases ago, in an attempt to take a family shot with which to make Christmas cards. I actually dropped it once, and it survived, and so then dropped it again, just to make sure I totally killed it. I did. But this trip, barring any camera-death-and-disfigurement-episodes, I plan to regale you all (can one "regale" with photos? well, I will do it anyway), with mountainous beauty, the kids being silly, us being silly, and hopefully I will be the photographer 99.999% of the time, as I turn into someone else whenever a camera is pointed in my direction. Someone hideous.

I must run off and attempt to rest before going to work. Perhaps I will have a second wind after and sit down and write something a bit pithier. So watch out!

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  1. It is nice indeed to get comments or some evidence that people actually read what we write. I find, however, that those moved to comment are few and far in between. Just keep doing what you're doing. Have a wonderful vacation!