Friday, March 14, 2014

7 quick one word Lent takes

1. Quietness

Lent offers this gift more often than other times. I try not to turn on music or TV and just let things be silent. It truly is a way to let Christ in, by not filling the space around me with sound. I tend to pray and talk with Him more throughout the day. And hear and feel Him more.

2. Clarity

Funny how number one and acknowledging the presence of Christ can lead to this. Well, not not really funny, or surprising,  but always a gift.

3. Charity

Easier to access when my spirit has been fed in prayer, quietness, and more frequent confession.

4. Beauty

I see it everywhere when I slow my roll enough to pay attention.

5. Grief

This one may surprise you, but to be still in prayer, everything in the heart is revealed. Listening recently to one of Fr. Z's Lentcasts, ( I know, he spellz it with a Z somewhere), He quoted somebody as saying not to shun our grief over past sins, but to be sorry and ask forgiveness each time. And to embrace the temporal consequences, as it is better to do penance now than in Purgatory.  This seems foreign to our ears, as we are told that Christ forgets our sins (He does). But the earthly consequences remain, and are, in fact, a gift.
* I apologize for surely slaughtering original version of this, but the gist is there.

6. Work

With less time spent on forms of entertainment, and attempting to be more disciplined, I find I spend more time doing housework and planning meals, which I enjoy the fruits of, and add to a sense of peace.


7. Patience

Is definitely a virtue, and I am either being shown how IM-patient I am, or being given opportunities to become more so. Add to this, persevering in prayer and being content to wait on God's answers and timing. And this past week or so, hugely rewarded with new, wonderful jobs for Meghann and Jeff! And a giant release of heaviness and stress for them both! Praise Be Jesus Christ!