Friday, March 28, 2014

7 quick takes of my 7-- the memories edition

I won't lie. I shed a few tears putting this together. I look at these pictures and see the whole story behind each one. Each background reminds me of the places we lived and the dynamics of the family at that time. Sometimes. some difficult memories. But the kids' personalities show through, and I am so proud of the people they are. We love our children imperfectly, and we love them as much as our hearts can possibly hold; how do we imagine God's perfect and all-encompassing love for us?

1. 1981 - Meghann

2. 1987-  Daniel

                                                                                                         with Mom-mom, RIP


3. 1990- Corrie

                                                                         Corrie had special talents

4. 1991 - Melissa

                                                                                                         with Daniel

                     1992:  Corrie and Melissa, with our kitty,  when we lived on a dairy farm.

5. 1993 - Rachael

she was brand new in this pic
She was fond of the "flying arms" pose

6. 1995 - Benjamin

                               Ben weighed more than 10 pounds. We were both worn out.

 7. 1999 - Malaika
 Malaika's birth pics were not for prime time.
 here she is turning 4



my mother and me: 1961

a very tired me with Corrie, Daniel and Melissa
                                                Meghann, Daniel, and Corrie: 1990



Melissa, Corrie and Daniel. Playing...Bible characters? I think Dan is wearing a toga? 

                                                       A tea party. Non- political.                                                                                         

Melissa. Rachael (tiara in place), Daniel, Corrie and Ben

 Just for perspective, here they are now.


  1. Well it's convenient for seven quick takes that you have seven This was a very lovely perspective. God bless all your children.

    1. I know, I can't believe I never thought of it before! And thanks, we covet any and all prayers on our behalf.