Sunday, March 2, 2014

Quinquagesima Sunday

(roughly the fiftieth day before Easter)

To we who are not used to the pre-Conciliar Mass, this word sounds like something that would require the use of an antacid.

However, this being my first time attending the TLM during pre Lent, I am finding it beautiful. I feel more tuned in and prepared for Lent this year, not by way of my own ideas, rather that my soul has been prepared.

Here is the music we were blessed to hear while we received Holy Communion today:




If you would like to read a good background on Quinquagesima Sunday, Father Z. has an excellent post about it.

 My hope is to share my Lent with you via this blog. But we all know about human plans.

Blessed Sunday!


  1. OMG, I LOVE Ubi Caritas - thank you so much for sharing it. Here in Mexico there is noplace that does the TLM within a thousand miles of where we live, so I would love to have you share your Lent and hope that it has a lot of TLM elements to it.

    1. Anna, I have never heard this version before and I have listened to it over and over since mass! I am happy to share them with you as I hear them. I am getting such an education in sacred music!

  2. "Quinquagesima." That is about the ugliest word in the whole English I think my pastor just called it the Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Novus Ordo mass is so much simpler. :)

    1. One reason for that is because it' not English! lol. Quinquagesimus is Latin for fiftieth. Seriously, though, I am loving the Old Form. You have to admit, the music alone....:)